5 Mistakes Movie Mistakes

It is a fact, we all make mistakes at times, but in Hollywood, if you make a mistake then it is on film for everyone to see. In a meeting discussing audio productions for film, our conversation when on to … Continue reading

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Spock vs Spock for Audi

Audi has taken advantage of the social media hype surrounding the soon to be released Star Trek movie and created a new online ad which has quickly gone viral. Featuring the new Spock going head to head with the old … Continue reading

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Do Celebrity Voiceovers Sell More Product?

Everyone knows that a celebrity draws a crowd. Thats why they often get invited to so many parties and have so many things given to them. Designers know if a particular celebrity is photographed wearing their clothing, it will boost … Continue reading

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Ironwoman Courtney Hancock Recently Used Our Recording Studios

Congratulations to Courtney Hancock, winner of the 2013 Ironwoman competition. This is her second win, and it was a close race with defending champion Rebecca Creedy hot on her heels. But it was Hancock’s steely determination and strength that allowed … Continue reading

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Name the Celebrity Voiceover

Celebrities are famous for doing voiceovers. Most people know and recognise their famous voices when used on cartoon movies like Shrek. But many actors are paid to voice commercial voice overs for television ads as well. Take the Visa commercial … Continue reading

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What Kate Middleton’s Topless Photos Can Teach Us

It’s all over the news, first Prince Harry’s naked party photos in Vegas, now Kate Middleton’s topless photos in France. Oh and there was even the little issue about Prince Phillip’s kilt flashing some royal bits on a windy day. … Continue reading

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