Messages On Hold Save you from APRA and PPCA Tariffs

Music on hold

Australian businesses are legally required to pay for the right to use protected sound recordings for the telephone on hold. So if a business plays the radio, a CD or a snippet from television, then they are technically required to pay for the use – and it could cost them thousands.

Professional Messages On Hold
Media Sound’s message on hold programs however, are exempt from these tariffs, as we are registered with these companies and our recordings don’t come under their category of protected sound recordings. This means, that for a much smaller fee, businesses can still entertain their callers, but also incorporate audio productions designed to promote their business’ services and products.

We offer the full service, from the scriptwriting through to production. We have a large library of royalty free music beds and very talented voice artists to bring your script to life – so you can be rest assured your telephone message on hold channel works for you and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Media Sound’s Packages
Media Sound offer a number of packages for businesses to buy outright, so you don’t have to worry about paying a monthly fee – and you own that production for life. We also offer extremely competitive prices on audio production, should you wish to update your message on hold program in the future. Contact one of our music and message on hold specialists today.

APRA and PPCA: What you are Expected to Pay
If however, you choose to play the radio or any other production that is considered protected sound recording, then your business could expect to pay between $221 for businesses with 1 – 5 phone lines, and at least $8,817 for businesses with 200+ phone lines.

For more information, please download APRA and the PPCA’s pricing schedule below.

Click here to download APRA’s pricing schedule   |   Click here to download PPCA’s pricing schedule

Additional Risks Associated with Playing Radio On Hold
Not only are you at risk of copping a large annual tariff, but also by playing radio on hold, you could be offending your callers with music played, and opinions aired by the radio station. Moreover, your competitors could be advertising on your phone lines, and chances are you wouldn’t even know about it.

Sign up for a Professional Message On Hold Production
Contact the friendly and qualified audio production specialists at Media Sound and get a professional message on hold program to entertain and educate your callers while they wait on hold. Message on hold has been proven to reduce caller hang-ups and increase caller inquiries. Call us today on 1300 736 465.

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