Top 3 All Time Best TV Commercials

Again in our search for inspiration (and pure curiosity) we stumbled across some of the great Australian television commercials of all time. We decided to get the whole team together and vote on what we thought were the three top TV commercials of all time – based on how we remembered them, and by how many channels we have viewed these advertisements.

Our top 3 winners were …

Carlton Draft “Big Ad”
Coming in first place, is Carlton Drafts “Big Ad”. It was first aired in 2005. I was in London at the time, working for a reputable media agency; I remember getting numerous emails from colleagues and work associates with links to this advertisement. It was an impressive advertisement featuring humour. VB (Think: A hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer. And the best cold beer if Vic) is another great brand who are excellent at coming up with memorable TV commercials, and it was a close call … but we had to go with Carlton Draft on this one.

Antz Pantz – Sic ‘em Rex
Who doesn’t remember this advertisement? Featuring a very sexy Australian lady in a dingy hotel wearing Holeproof Ant Pantz underwear. She has a whole lot of ants crawling up to her knickers, until they get to her crutch, and then you see a shot of an ant eater – and the beautiful model then says with a cheeky grin “sick ‘em Rex” – and we’re sure you can guess the rest. This advertisement has been played numerous times in its lifespan, with many showings on various editions of the World’s Naughtiest TV Advertisements. Naughty indeed.

Slip Slop Slap
First aired in 1980, this iconic Australian television advertisement staring Sid the Seagull was very effective in education the Australian public about the need to protect yourself from the sun. This campaign was probably so successful because it was played so many times, for such a long period – and who can forget the jingle … I bet it is stuck in your mind as we speak.

Television can be a great brand exercise for many brands, but you need to be clever when it comes to your creative – and you need to be consistent and repetitive, with strategic schedule.

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