Do Annoying Radio Commercials Work?

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Annoying radio commercials – we hear them every day, however, there is always one that just sticks out from the rest. So bad is the radio commercial that you can barely stand to listen to it. Just think of Kimmy’s Dad on Crimsafe Screens or Frank Walker from National Tiles radio commercials.

My husband absolutely cringes when he hears Kimmy’s dad come on the radio, that he actually has to change the channel when it comes on. But when we were looking for screen doors recently guess what brand he could recall … that’s right, Crimsafe.

National Tiles is one of Australia’s all time most annoying radio commercials – having been voiced by Frank Walker the company’s owner over 13-years ago, and his nasally voice that has annoyed millions has also helped make him millions. Their new radio strategy is to talk about how annoying the advertisement is.

So whilst not all annoying advertisements will work, some actually make a lasting impact, and are responsible for building brand recognition. And just like with a creative or humorous radio commercial, an annoying radio campaign could potentially go viral – creating even more publicity for the brand.

Radio advertising is what funds radio stations throughout the globe, and whilst many listeners get sick of commercials, it is a necessary means in order to keep the radio stations on air. Plus, it is an effective marketing tool for many Australian businesses.

Media Sound is a leading Australian audio production company, who specialise in the production of radio commercials for all commercial radio stations. Call us today and we will help produce a memorable audio production for your next radio campaign.

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4 responses to “Do Annoying Radio Commercials Work?”

  1. Honestly, I think that some radio commercials, especially with jingles, can be so weird or bad, that they become very memorable. In that way, they could be considered a success in some sense, especially when you consider that the creaters of these terrible jingles may have been aiming to do just that. One that sticks out in my mind to this day is a Denny's commercial for one of their breakfast pancake specials. It included this incredibly stupid song with a "pupput" created from a banana peel and some glued on googly eyes called Nannerpuss sitting on top of a pile of pancakes. I'm pretty sure that one of the eyes fell off during its little song too.

  2. Simon says:

    There was an atrocious commercial a few years back with the worst Billy Connolly impersonation, it was so bad, clearly a put on accent, but very memorable.

  3. Eva Russell says:

    In a way it can be said annoying commercial stays in the audience mind. But how effectively can it be used for positive results, cannot be said. Some people hate the commercial but still be neutral for the brand. Some others hate the brand as well for creating such annoying commercials. They prefer brands which can make good, interesting commercials. Be it a TV commercial or radio commercial, a good commercial does the job better than an annoying one. It will be the risk free option which is less likely to move the possible customers away.

  4. mediagroup says:

    The whole point of radio advertising is to stay in the minds of the listeners, though I think you are right Eva, there is a fine line between an annoying commercial and one that is absolutely hated. As mentioned in the article, National Tiles was considered one of the most annoying radio commercials of 2012, yet they are now leveraging off of this, and making commercials based on how annoying it is – but wow, what a good product they offer.

    One things for sure – if someone asked me where they could get tiles – National Tiles would be the first one I'd say – even though I hated the radio commercial.

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