Play that Funky Music On Hold

Play music on hold to your callers while they wait

Wild Cherry said it best “Play that funky music right” and it has never rung more true than with your telephone lines. Carefully selected music on hold is a great source of entertainment for your callers, and it distracts them from the fact they are waiting on hold.

Selecting your music needs to be a strategic move, and you need to “play that funky music right” – by selecting tracks that are appropriate for your business and that will appeal to your callers. No point playing heavy metal music if you are an over 50’s retirement village; likewise, you wouldn’t play country themed music for a corporate production.

Radio On Hold shouldn’t be an Option
While it may be tempting to just connect the radio to your telephone system, it really is an unwise strategy. Why? We hear you ask?

There are a number of reasons, first you must also pay for the right to use the radio on a business’ phone lines – and this could cost you much more than a message on hold program, and you don’t have any control over the content. You could be playing music with profanities and talking about sex, drugs and rock n roll – which could insult your customers. To further add insult to injury, you could be promoting your competitor’s advertisements to your callers.

A Professional Telephone Message On Hold Service
Media Sound has a large library of royalty free music beds that can be used in your music and message on hold production, and we are sure to have a genre and theme that will fit your company’s culture and appeal to your callers.  We are registered with APRA and the PPCA, so our music (providing they are mixed with a voice recording) will not be subjected to any extra yearly fees from these guys (unlike radio).

Our professional audio professionals will script, voice and edit audio advertisements to go hand in hand with your music on hold, creating a compelling , audio production, like a mini radio station, for your phone lines. You will entertain your callers, sound more professional and decrease caller hang-ups.

Call us today for more information about our telephone messages and music on hold.

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