Spock vs Spock for Audi

Audi has taken advantage of the social media hype surrounding the soon to be released Star Trek movie and created a new online ad which has quickly gone viral. Featuring the new Spock going head to head with the old … Continue reading

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7 Social Media Lessons We Can Learn from Dr. Suess

Dr. Suess was a lot more than someone who was good at making up words that rhymed. He was a visionary genius with deep insights into the nature of humanity and apparently an ability to tell the future and give … Continue reading

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What Kate Middleton’s Topless Photos Can Teach Us

It’s all over the news, first Prince Harry’s naked party photos in Vegas, now Kate Middleton’s topless photos in France. Oh and there was even the little issue about Prince Phillip’s kilt flashing some royal bits on a windy day. … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Newest Member to Our Team

Media Sound is proud to announce the addition of our newest staff member, Crystal Nicholls. Crystal has joined Media Sound as the marketing, graphic design, and website manager. She comes from a background in social media marketing and design, and … Continue reading

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