Tips for Aspiring Voice Artists

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Whether it be radio, television, telephone messages on hold, corporate presentations or eLearing, voice artists have a story to tell and it takes great skill to be able to do this effectively.

A voice artist uses their voice alone to evoke emotion and tell a story. And in many cases (radio, online and messages on hold) voice artists can’t rely on any visuals to help with their storytelling, just a good script and the ability to transform that script into a professional voice recording.

The one piece of advice that our talent tell us, is that you aren’t merely reading the script and talking to the audience, but rather you are becoming the character / narrator in the script and you are sharing a message. And here’s how our voice artists do it:

  • Straight back, and head held high – this posture helps you to breath and deliver a strong reading.
  • Smile – believe it or not, just by wearing one can make your reading much more positive.
  • Concentrate on the script and the message within the script. Watch your pace and know when to pause and emphasis words.
  • Think of your audience and how they will best relate to the message you are trying to convey.
  • Don’t feel intimidated by the recording studio or producer – they’re there to do a job, just as you are.

Being a voice artist takes skill; you need confidence and the ability to bring script to life. The broadcast industry is a very competitive one, and to make it in this field, you need to be motivated and continuously practice your technique, The more character voices, tones and accents  you can do, the more employable you are. So start practising today.

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