Audio Tours and Audio Spruiking

Have you ever been into a museum or tourist attraction and been greeted with an audio tour guide? Audio spruiking or audio tours are very popular, and great ways to spice up your internal marketing communications. With a professional audio production, you could really make a huge impression and educate your customers. Here are a few examples on audio tour strategies.

Fashion Retail
Select a couple of hot spots in your store and have a play button so your customers can listen to it at their own leisure. It might be for a new item or a sale item. Your pre-recorded audio spruiker can then talk about the garment and how to accessories it. Retail audio tours are more about educating your customers, taking a tour down product knowledge lane. Audio is a great way to offer a point of difference to the overall customer experience.

Public Transport
For routes around the city, public buses, trams and trains can incorporate the passengers very own private tour operator with an audio tour – and leave it up to the passenger as to whether they listen to it or not; informing them of major landmarks and the history of the city.

Audio tours are most often present in museums and are played at various points of the museum; educating customers about the artefacts and paintings displayed at the museum – relating the history about the subject.

Let your waiters and waitresses focus on taking the orders, and let your audio educate your customers about your current specials. On the plus side, your patrons can listen to it again if they didn’t quite get it the first time.

Audio is a great way to engage with your customers when your staff might not be able to. It also adds to your customers’ experience and educates them about your products and services. Audio tours / spruikers are entertaining and informative. Ensure you have a professional production, and contact the team at Media Sound.  

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  1. AISMF says:

    Audio Spruiking is a great way to capture the attention of potential clients and can be very informative. You just have to be concious of the acoustics because sometimes in high traffic areas the message can be missed.

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