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At Media Sound we are extremely passionate about audio. Our experienced staff have all worked in the broadcast industry for many years, and we have watched it evolve into a spectacular marketing channel. Recently, we have seen the rise of companies using audio promotional products to reward the loyalty of their customers.

This is by no means a new concept, however, with the ease of distributing and sharing audio productions, many companies now see the value of an audio production for use as a gift.

Here are a couple of examples on how you can use audio as a promotional product.

Instructions / Manual
I don’t know about you, but I hate reading manuals. If only Ikea would provide a CD barking directions at me. Of course I would still need to refer to the pictures, but at least I would have a better chance at understanding the voice artist, rather than having to decipher the written instructions.

Product Knowledge
My husband and I recently bought a brand new Holden Captiva. The sales guy did tell us about all the bells and whistles, but we forgot all about it by the time we got home. Yes they provide a manual, but seriously, I just don’t have the time to read it. Imagine if they provided a CD that I could listen to in my new car, detailing all the cars bells and whistles. So much easier.

Audio promotional products are a great way to add extra value to your products, and help you stand out from your competitors; it is also an inexpensive way to continue your branding once the customer has already made their purchase.

If you’re eager to get more ideas about how you can come up with an innovative audio promotional product, then please contact one of Media Sound’s audio engineers today on 1300 736 465.

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  1. Riddoch says:

    People now a days prefer audio promotinal products which they can hear while driving or during any other activity because no one have enough time to go through manuals.

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