6 Ways the General Public is Smarter Than You Think When It Comes to Advertising

When it comes to your advertising and marketing campaigns for commercials its important to know your audience. But how can you speak to the individual when your message is being broadcast to the masses? There is no simple solution, but I can help you with a few tips about the general public to keep in mind to help you better shape your messages.

1. We can all smell a rat – There are certain things that even the most obtuse person can usually identify as a fake. It usually has to to do with one of the below facts:

  • When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  • When a commercial comes off as anything other than genuine, people discredit it immediately.
  • When we hear and identify a cliche, we categorise it as white noise and disregard it.

2. We can tune out the mundane – People have a amazing ability to ignore excess noise. We learn from a young age by being exposed to constant stimuli. If you think about it, when was the last time you actually heard the sound of the fan or the ticking of the clock? Our brain hears these noises but decides they are not worth bring into your consciousness. That means you’re audio productions are up against a lot of competition to even be heard by the average subconscious.

3. We embrace the extraordinary – This is contrary to the previous 2 points. People are clever enough to spot a phoney and eliminate distractions, but we ultimately buy with our hearts. When we are confronted with an entirely new way of thinking (whether that be about a product, idea, or service) we let it in. Often the most crazy new thoughts become instant hits and spread like wildfire. People love big ideas, and being a part of something new and exciting.

4. We are curious – Some of the most effective commercials are the ones that grab your attention and then leave you wondering what it was all about. Teaser campaigns pray on one simple human necessity; the thirst for knowledge. We want to know what’s going on, and hate to feel left out. A commercial that only tells part of an interesting story provokes a response and hooks the interest of the consumer, leaving them wanting more.

5. We retain brands – If you plan great commercials on a consistent basis, people will remember who you are. They may even remember some of the details of your commercial without actually knowing who you are. The subconscious is a powerful thing, and most buying decisions are made without realising that we were influenced by a well produced audio production or commercial.

6. We remember like an elephant – Don’t be tempted to try that same old promo you aired last year, we will know. People remember the idea in general if not the exact details, so make sure you are always developing new strategies.

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