Halloween: an Australian Treat or just a Trick?

Australians seem to be on the fence about the American Halloween tradition. Some lament it as another commercial excuse to sell lollies and exploit consumers while others are embracing the new trend. However you feel about it, Halloween is here to stay, as evidenced by its popularity which seems to be increasing every year.

The origins, however are far from what it has become today, starting originally as an Irish pagan festival celebrating the harvest. It was the day the harvest was gathered and stored, as well as when the souls of the departed would be released to roam the earth. People would light large bonfires and wear ugly masks to ward off the potentially evil spirits and make themselves unrecognisable in case the deceased wished them harm. Food was left out too, for the friendly spirits.

Once you know the history, you see more clearly how things have slowly evolved to suit today’s culture and implementing the ideas of the original festival into today’s holiday.

Whether you celebrate it or not, we at Media Sound want to wish you all a very happy Halloween and hope your lolly eating and fake blood parties extend through the weekend.

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