American Magazine uses a Smart Phone as a Video Playing Print Ad

Its amazing what advances in technology have come around. The latest thing to hit print advertising is video and live twitter feed. How is this possible you ask? Apparently by using a stripped down blackberry. Mashable got their hands on a copy and of course like any good computer nerd would do, proceeded to completely take it apart. They worked out how to get to the menu and even make a call!

But the thing to take away from this incredible news story is the fact that technology is always changing, due to pioneers like the CW network who are not afraid to push the boundaries. How is your business pushing the boundaries and staying ahead of the competition?

Media Sound can help give you that edge by providing professional voice overs, audio productions, and commercials for your business. Some of our recent clients include Channel 9, Southern Cross Media, BP, and NAB, to name a few.

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