Facebook Competitions

Facebook Competitions

Facebook competitions used to be quite regulated by Facebook. In fact, you weren’t even allowed to run a competition without a third party app. The rules have however, now changed and they have eased up on how you can promote you Facebook promotions and competition.

In the past it was a BIG no-no to run a competition, which required your fans to like, tag or share. Now the rules have been relaxed, there is certainly more opportunities for you to get your name out there and promote your business’ competitions on Facebook.

New Rules
The new rules mean that you can now promote your competition without a third party application (though this was as simple as an entry form on your own website). Competitions can be run through pages only – you can’t run a competition through your own profile page.

Tags are still a grey area, and getting fans to tag a photo to win is still prohibited.

Facebook also has a new feature, where you can promote posts on your page. This therefore allows you to promote your competitions and leverage off Facebook’s popularity (though this is at a cost).

Businesses can also promote their competitions through the conventional advertising mediums such as print, radio and television, and of course, don’t forget to put your Facebook competition on free sites such as www.win-free-stuff.com.au.

Third Party Apps vs. Timeline Promotions
Timeline promotions will allow all businesses, both big and small to run Facebook competitions without having to get a designer to set up a third party app. It will also be a much quicker process to get your competition out to the public and reach a much wider audience.

Third party apps however, are generally much more professional and providing you have a good designer, usually come with much more advanced analytics – which you won’t necessarily get from Timeline promotions. So if measuring your marketing success and understanding your audience is important to you, then it is worthwhile investing in a third party application.

Facebook is a great platform to engage with customers and potential customers, and Facebook competitions are definitely a great way to build your following. However, even though Facebook rules have now been relaxed, Permits have not. It is up to you to check with your local authority to see if any permits are required for your competition.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips. I have a friend who has been investing in promoted pages to build his following, and it has proven to be quite effective. In a matter of two months who has garnered over a thousand likes for his page. I have suggested that he should put together a contest for the people who have liked his page so that he can garner some good initial engagement and give them a reason to visit that page weekly if not daily. 

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