Top 5 Audio and Video Sharing Sites

Multimedia applicationsWhen it comes to your audio advertisements, there are various avenues for you to distribute your material. There are the obvious platforms such as television and radio, but have you thought of sharing your audio and visual presentations on various audio and video sharing sites? Below is Media Sound’s top 5 rated sites.

Did you know YouTube is the third biggest search engine? With millions of visitors each day (12 million monthly users) – so doesn’t it make sense to have content about your business on this site? Best of all, it is a free site to upload videos, and if your material is popular enough, you can even make money from it.

Video is a relatively new feature on Instagram – but the trend is starting to take off. Again, a free site, but you are limited on how long your video is. Instagram is growing rapidly in popularity – and content uploaded via Instagram can also be uploaded to your Facebook and Twitter accounts all in the one go.

Flickr is predominantly a photo-sharing site, but now also hosts videos. Videos are to be no longer than 90 seconds and if you have free account you can upload 2 x videos per month or you can upgrade your membership for $25/year and upload as many as you would like.

Get lots of videos on your smartphone? Then Viddy is the place to upload and share them! Videos are limited to only 15 seconds, however, like with Instagram, you can share them via Viddy to your other social networks. Viddy has a growing community and is a great way for smaller businesses to promote their offerings to this online community.

Daily Motion
Europe’s version of YouTube, Daily Motion is a French social video sharing platform and is growing in popularity, however it isn’t quite as big as YouTube.

Don’t fret if you only have audio to share – as you can easily create visual content and put your professional audio production behind. If you don’t have access to video editing software, you can use PowerPoint to make a nice visual multimedia presentation that is surely going to make an impact.

Media Sound specialises in the production of audio for use in radio, television, multimedia and social networking. Call us today and get a production that stands out.

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