Audio Advertising: Requires Good Communication

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Even if you are a master of words, you may still be deemed as a lousy communicator! You see if you and your business want to conduct an audio advertising campaign, then you will need to be straight to the point, concise and extremely clear with your message. Failure to do so unfortunately will mean a big fail with your audio campaign.

Straight to the Point
With radio, TV or even telephone messages on hold, you have a very limited time to get your point across, usually about 30 seconds, and in that time you also need to capture your audiences attention. It is best to have one message, with one contact. In audio there is no time to beat around the bush. Know what you need to say, and say it.

As mentioned above; with audio advertising you need to be brief, but comprehensive.

Be Extremely Clear
Again you have 30 seconds to make yourself clear. Be careful not to try and be too clever with riddles are dry humour, your audience just may not get and will then switch off to your message. Again we stress, get straight to the point and be extremely clear.

Audio advertising is an effective means of communications, but it requires great communication to get off the ground. The experienced team at Media Sound produce quality audio productions for radio, television, corporate presentations and social media platforms. Call us today on 1300 736 465.

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