Marketing to Gen Y

We recently read an excellent article about Marketing to Generation Y – by the, and it really got us thinking.

Whilst many of the employees here at Media Sound are Gen Y-ers, and we have seen first hand the differences in generations, it is still mesmerizing at how quickly and how much the world of marketing has changed over the last 10-years. In fact, with this new generation of marketing, things will never be the same again.

The traditional marketing channels are starting to dwindle, and we have witnessed this first hand with the closure of many printed publications. Generation Y in particular, need so much more. These guys are a social bunch, and they have been raised in the Internet era, and are therefore used to having everything literally at their fingertips.

And something that we have found in our own audio production business, and also heard from our customers, is that Generation Y-ers are well connected, and they search long and hard for feedback; through forums, friends and reviews, these guys want to know that they are going to get the real deal. So make sure you are able to deliver on your promises, and that you provide a quality product or service.

As marketers, we also found ourselves Audio Messagesnodding our heads when reading the MarketingProfs advice on not putting all your marketing dollars in one basket. Unlike advertising in the past, Generation Y are into everything, and you’re not just competing with local businesses, but businesses worldwide. You really need to make any impact to get noticed.

Media Sound offer a first-class audio production service, and we provide riveting audio messages that can be used through a number of marketing channels: radio, telephone onhold, online and face-to-face. Get the most from your multi-media marketing campaigns and call the audio professionals today on 1300 736 465.

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