Man Finds Knife Stuck in His Back 3 Years After the Fight

Canadian man, Billy McNeely has had an itch in his back that he could never quite scratch. Imagine his surprise then, when he suddenly hit something sharp while scratching away. He got his girlfriend to take a look at it and she discovered after maneuvering the hard item around a bit, that the tip of a blade actually poked through the skin. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors found a 7 cm long blade actually lodged into his back. 

knife in back

McNeely vividly remembers the night he got stabbed 3 years ago. It was at his own birthday party when a drunken arm wrestling contest got out of hand. In the resulting fight, he as stabbed 5 times. When he was taken to the hospital, doctors did not do an xray, instead just stitched up his wounds and sent him on his way. Thinking back on it now, McNeely remembers going through metal detectors several different times and setting them off, even when he had no change in his pockets, but he never would have guessed that it was due to the snapped off blade in his back.  

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