The Creation of the Lava Lamp

lava lamp

Ahh, the lava lamp. It brings back happy memories of many evenings spent mesmerized by its flame like slow motion bubbles. But who was the creative genius who first envisioned this epitome of the 60s hippie movement? Edward Craven Walker is his name, an English accountant who also made underwater nudist films. He was inspired one late night at a pub when he saw an homemade egg timer created from a glass cocktail shaker filled with strange bubbling liquids on the stovetop.

Walker decided to perfect the design, and set about to use a lightbulb as the heat generator. Using an old Orange Squash bottle, he filled it with two mutually insoluable liquids, a water based, and a wax based one. Apparently the exact recipe is a secret, but there is one key ingredient which is a type of carbon tetrachloride, which helps weigh down the wax so it sits at the bottom of the bottle. 

The sleek, rocket like look of the lamp made it a perfect fit for the era, channeling the space age craze and selling millions of units. Its a perfect example of a product that made it big just by being in the right place at the right time and meeting the needs of the public at large. 

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