The Top 10 Australian Online Business Directories

Top 10 Australian online business directories

When it comes to getting your website found, then Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be a key element in your online marketing strategy. As Google gets even smarter, the harder we must work to ensure we stay high in the rankings. Google in particular, is putting a focus on location. So not only do they want to find the most relevant businesses, but they want to find the most relevant businesses located within close proximity to where you are conducting your search.

You see, through your IP address, Google can determine exactly where you are located, and when you do a search for a builder, then Google will try and bring up builders within close proximity to you – and in many cases, will show the Google Places listings first (on mobile especially).

In order to optimize your website for local searches, you need to make sure you have relevant local websites pointing back to you, with the same information as what you provide on your website. Google is looking for consistency here. So things such as your Company Name, Phone Number, Address and Business Hours all need to be consistent.

Below is our pick of the top 10 Australian Online Business Directories:

  • Google Places
  • DLook
  • Aussie Web
  • True Local
  • Start Local
  • Dmoz
  • Yelp
  • Hot Frog
  • Yalwa
  • Come On Aussie
  • These website will show Google that you do exist, and that the information on your website is consistent to what you advertise elsewhere. Furthermore, you will have more exposure, hence potentially more traffic to your website and you will have backlinks pointing to your website (albeit, they won’t offer too much link juice), but they will still be there.

    Plus, and this is a big plus, because Google loves to see natural engagement by users, by listing on many of these sites, your customers will potentially have the means to give your business a review – and providing it is positive, it will certainly help your ranking efforts in your local search.

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