Has the Internet Killed Print Directories?

Gone are the days where we would let our fingers do the walking, and open the rather large yellow or white pages. Nope, these days we simply get on our phones, iPads or computers and type our searches into Google. Hell, even Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube can help us find what or who we are looking for.

So has the Internet killed the need for print directories?

Printed Directories Vs. Online
Well according to the vast majority of our clients, friends, employees and suppliers, yes, the print directory’s days are numbered. Why waste paper and major marketing bucks, when you can look up the information you need on Google? Think about it … how often do you hear the phrase “I’ll Google it” compared to “I’ll Yellow Pages it”?

More than 50% of Australians own a smart phone with access to the Internet, and according to the ABS over 75% of Australians have access to the Internet at home. The growth of online usage by Australians is phenomenal, and we will continue to see a growth in this arena.

Sensis offering online services
Another tell tale sign is the fact that Sensis (the people behind the Yellow and White Pages) is now trying to break into the online market – offering SEO, PPC and web design as part of their packages. In my view, offering online marketing packages not worth the money the paper the quote is printed on.

Print Directories Shrinking
Furthermore, both the Yellow Pages and White Pages books have now shrunk dramatically in size (yet they still have the audacity to charge a fortune for advertising in their books), reducing in size by approximate 75% since 2009.

Times are a changing, and so too is the way we search for people and businesses. Unfortunately, we believe that the print directories days are numbered. However, they do make for great computer boosters, but apart from that, Australians seem to be finding businesses and people through online searches.

The team at Media Sound are huge advocates of the online world, and we are constantly amazed by how fast the world is changing. If you’re to be found online, then make sure you are also heard, and get us to produce a professional audio production for your website or social network.

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