Why You Always Get A Bad Night’s Sleep After a Night Out Drinking

We have all been there. Those mornings that come around all too soon after a long night of drinking and partying. So why if we are so tired and in need of rest, do our bodies decide to spring to life at 8am? Is it life’s little way of bringing karma so we are awake for a longer amount of hangover time?

Actually its a scientifically proven fact, that the more booze you consume, the more is will adversly affect your sleep patterns. This is contrary to the popular belief that you will sleep like the dead after a few brews. The difference is all in the details. Researchers from the US National Library of Medicine proved that low doses of alcohol (1 serving) may partially improve sleep due to the ethanol which acts as a sedative. And don’t plan on a nightly beverage to make your lids heavy, people quickly develop a tolerance to the effects and generally drink larger amounts to achieve the same effect, which actually has an adverse effect.

Because of the way your body metabolizes alcohol, chances are the first few hours of sleep will be very deep. But as the effects wear off, the rebound effect comes into play. This means that the effects the alcohol has had on your body while it was still in your system are suddenly switched once it has been metabolized and removed. Your all important deep sleep (the time where your body rest and heals) becomes replaced with REM sleep which is easily interrupted, leaving you feeling tired and unwell the next morning.

So how do we fix this problem? The solution is to time your drinking so most of the alcohol has been metabolized before you hit the hay. This means that if your blood alcohol content is .05 (the legal driving limit), then you should wait four hours before going to sleep. I know, its good in theory, but not really practical for those big nights out with the boys. Still, at least now you know!

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