The Art of Audio Mastering

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During the final stages of the audio production, the audio engineers focus on audio mastering; this is done to enhance the quality of the audio mix and make sure the sound is of professional quality. Audio mastering is the art of eradicating any errors and using strategic techniques to ensure the production is of a very high quality.

What is the Process of Audio Mastering?
In the final stages of production, the audio engineer will check for mixing errors, once these have been rectified, then he will focus on bringing the production’s audio levels to that of acceptable for commercial use – during this process, the audio engineer will eliminate any ugly noise in the production.

In order to get the sound level right, the audio engineer will need to determine an acceptable level and judge the frequency of the spectrum; effectively making sure the recording isn’t too sharp or too thin. He needs to ensure there is an equal balance between the low, medium and high frequencies.

Once he finds this balance, the audio engineer will then use a multiband compressor in order to correct the dynamics of the audio production. He will then assess the reverberation, and finally the overtones. Once all these corrections have been made, and the audio production is of a certain quality, the audio engineer will send it out to the client.

Professional Audio Production 
The audio mastering is just the final phase of the audio production, and usually one that often can’t be performed in the office. A professional audio production is worth the investment, as you are investing in a quality piece of marketing material that has been produced for commercial use.

Media Sound is a professional audio production company based on the Gold Coast, and not only do our audio engineers weave their magic to produce the highest quality audio productions for your audio advertising campaign, but our audio scriptwriters will write you a compelling script, and our professional voice artists will bring it to life.

Call us today and stand out from the crowd with our professional audio production services. Call  1300 736 465.

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5 Mistakes Movie Mistakes

It is a fact, we all make mistakes at times, but in Hollywood, if you make a mistake then it is on film for everyone to see. In a meeting discussing audio productions for film, our conversation when on to another tangent, and we started to discuss some of the standard mistakes made in movies. Here is our top 5:

  • Braveheart

Starring Mel Gibson, this is a favourite film for a couple of our staff members, but that is not to say the film isn’t full of areas. In fact, if you were to watch in real carefully you would notice a couple of standout mistakes. The biggest however, is in one of the fight scenes a white van can be seen in the background.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

A crew member in a cowboy hat can be seen on the boat in the scene where Captain Jack bellows: "On deck, you scabrous dogs".

  • ulp Fiction

In the scene with Jules and Vincent (Played by John Travolta and Samuel Jackson) – where Samuel Jackson declares: “I will strike down on thee in great vengeance and furious anger …” they kill a man in his mid-20’s, and there’s one hiding in the bathroom getting ready to come out and shoot them, but before he does there is a shot of Jules and Vincent and you can see bullet holes in the wall, but shots haven’t yet been shot at them.

  • Twilight: Eclipse

Edward reveals to Bella in an earlier scene that Vampires sparkle in the sun, however in the last scene of Eclipse, Edward and Bella are sitting in the sunshine in a field and he is not sparkling.

  • Scream

There are also lots of audio mistakes in movies, and scream is a great example. Dewey has just been stabbed in the back, and Sidney comes running toward him. The audio has her screaming “DEWEY” but her mouth is saying “NOOOO”.

We’ve got heaps more, but we thought we should keep it limited to only five. Have you got any mistakes that you have seen in the movies and would like to share?

Film production is a serious business, and is not as simple as just filming actors doing their scenes, there is so much more that goes into it. That’s why you are bound to see a mistake here and there. To fix every single one of them could cost millions of dollars in additional production and editing times.

Media Sound supply high quality audio productions, and we have done a few for various Australian films and television shows. For more information about our audio production service, please call us on 1300 736 465.

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Understanding Twitter

Twitter is a social media channel that so many people don’t understand, but don’t underestimate it; it is a social stream that can certainly help build your business. Maybe not necessarily in the form of lead generation, but as a tool for market research and product knowledge, it can be extremely helpful.

Don’t get us wrong, there is also huge potential for you to gain sales and enquiry through this media, but it does take a little time and strategy. If you are going to have a Twitter account, it is important that you can invest into this campaign just as you would any other.

The team at Media Sound thought we would help you with some of the basics and get a better understanding of Twitter and how it can work for you. So here goes:

Who to Follow?
Think of who your core customers are? At Media Sound, we basically work for Australian businesses; so on Twitter, our strategy is to follow those businesses we think would find our services useful. They can see that I am following them, and they may choose to follow me back.

As a follower, I can read all their Tweets and find out more about their business, which gives us good inside information as to who they are, and how they operate. Great market research!

Replying to Tweets
When someone sends out a tweet, anyone who follows that person can reply to that Tweet – this is a great tool for building relationships and joining in on conversations.

Want to give a shout out to one of your followers? Then you can do so by using @”username”. By putting the @ before the username will essentially act as a tag for them, and they will then be able to see their mention when they view their mention tab in Twitter. You are effectively giving your followers exposure, and building a relationship with them.

How Many Tweets per Day?
This is up to you? Realistically though, you only really need to send out about 3 – 5 tweets daily, and don’t make them all about you. Twitter is not a sales stream, so while you can use it to educate your followers, also use it as a means to give them valuable information that they will want to click through and read.

Also make sure to allow time to invest in Tweeting your followers. Twitter is all about building relationships.

Hashtags: What are they?
Everyone is talking about them, but what exactly is a hashtag? Basically, just like you can search people, you can also search terms that have a hashtag (#) in front of it. For instance, we would click on #telephoneonhold – and it will bring up all the tweets with this mention.

Remember, Twitter isn’t all about selling your product, it is about building brand awareness, but most importantly, it is about building relationships with your customers and listening to what they have to say also. Take the time to invest in reading their Tweets, and responding to them, and you will definitely see the advantages of Twitter and how it can help you.

While we are an audio advertising agency and specialise in the production of high quality radio commercials, television commercials, telephone message on hold programs and audio for basically any stream, we also have a very active social media presence. We would love you to come and be part of it. You’ll find us at

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Top 3 All Time Best TV Commercials

Again in our search for inspiration (and pure curiosity) we stumbled across some of the great Australian television commercials of all time. We decided to get the whole team together and vote on what we thought were the three top TV commercials of all time – based on how we remembered them, and by how many channels we have viewed these advertisements.

Our top 3 winners were …

Carlton Draft “Big Ad”
Coming in first place, is Carlton Drafts “Big Ad”. It was first aired in 2005. I was in London at the time, working for a reputable media agency; I remember getting numerous emails from colleagues and work associates with links to this advertisement. It was an impressive advertisement featuring humour. VB (Think: A hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer. And the best cold beer if Vic) is another great brand who are excellent at coming up with memorable TV commercials, and it was a close call … but we had to go with Carlton Draft on this one.

Antz Pantz – Sic ‘em Rex
Who doesn’t remember this advertisement? Featuring a very sexy Australian lady in a dingy hotel wearing Holeproof Ant Pantz underwear. She has a whole lot of ants crawling up to her knickers, until they get to her crutch, and then you see a shot of an ant eater – and the beautiful model then says with a cheeky grin “sick ‘em Rex” – and we’re sure you can guess the rest. This advertisement has been played numerous times in its lifespan, with many showings on various editions of the World’s Naughtiest TV Advertisements. Naughty indeed.

Slip Slop Slap
First aired in 1980, this iconic Australian television advertisement staring Sid the Seagull was very effective in education the Australian public about the need to protect yourself from the sun. This campaign was probably so successful because it was played so many times, for such a long period – and who can forget the jingle … I bet it is stuck in your mind as we speak.

Television can be a great brand exercise for many brands, but you need to be clever when it comes to your creative – and you need to be consistent and repetitive, with strategic schedule.

Media Sound can produce high quality audio productions to help you stand out with your next TV campaign. Call us today.

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Chk Chk Boom: Nandos Radio Commercial Parody

The team here at Media Sound search and listen to numerous radio commercials from around the globe. It’s great for research and for inspiration, and to understand what has worked for what brands, industries and times.

In a quest for research, we stumbled across Nando’s Chk Chk Boom radio commercial. A cheeky spin off of the lady who lied to Channel 9 News crew when interviewed about an altercation in Sydney’s Kings Cross.

What Nandos did with this radio commercial was clever on a number of accounts. Firstly, this was a well known news story, and by creating a parody of news story, but representing their own brand, they undoubtedly captured listeners attention. It certainly helped this radio commercial go viral.

Secondly, at the time when this news story was quite prevalent in the news and across Australian media, they were able to upload it to YouTube – and those who were searching for the Kings Cross Chk Chk Boom story would also be likely to stumble across this great piece of radio advertising. Great exposure.

Thinking outside the square and being smart with your creative can certainly help you get leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors. Keeping abreast of current affairs and local trends can also help you come up with clever ideas that will help you better connect with your audience.

Don’t lose focus though! When it comes to a radio commercial, you do need to focus on getting the right message out to your core target market. You don’t want to confuse them – so when you do come up with an idea, think of how it relates to your product or service and if it fits your company culture.

The team at Media Sound can help produce a powerful radio commercial for your next radio campaign. Contact us today to discuss your ideas, and we will help turn them into professional audio productions.

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Play that Funky Music On Hold

Play music on hold to your callers while they wait

Wild Cherry said it best “Play that funky music right” and it has never rung more true than with your telephone lines. Carefully selected music on hold is a great source of entertainment for your callers, and it distracts them from the fact they are waiting on hold.

Selecting your music needs to be a strategic move, and you need to “play that funky music right” – by selecting tracks that are appropriate for your business and that will appeal to your callers. No point playing heavy metal music if you are an over 50’s retirement village; likewise, you wouldn’t play country themed music for a corporate production.

Radio On Hold shouldn’t be an Option
While it may be tempting to just connect the radio to your telephone system, it really is an unwise strategy. Why? We hear you ask?

There are a number of reasons, first you must also pay for the right to use the radio on a business’ phone lines – and this could cost you much more than a message on hold program, and you don’t have any control over the content. You could be playing music with profanities and talking about sex, drugs and rock n roll – which could insult your customers. To further add insult to injury, you could be promoting your competitor’s advertisements to your callers.

A Professional Telephone Message On Hold Service
Media Sound has a large library of royalty free music beds that can be used in your music and message on hold production, and we are sure to have a genre and theme that will fit your company’s culture and appeal to your callers.  We are registered with APRA and the PPCA, so our music (providing they are mixed with a voice recording) will not be subjected to any extra yearly fees from these guys (unlike radio).

Our professional audio professionals will script, voice and edit audio advertisements to go hand in hand with your music on hold, creating a compelling , audio production, like a mini radio station, for your phone lines. You will entertain your callers, sound more professional and decrease caller hang-ups.

Call us today for more information about our telephone messages and music on hold.

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Why we Love Audio Advertising

Why we Love Audio Advertising

At Media Sound we live and breathe audio – in all forms; from your telephone message on hold productions, instore music and messaging, radio and television commercials, productions for social media and of course we love our music – both live and through our earphones. In fact, you could say we are audio mad, but that is what makes us so good at what we do – because we are passionate about what we do!

What is our fascination with audio advertising? Audio advertising has been around for decades, and the opportunities within this realm continue to grow. Gone are the days when your audio advertisement could only be broadcast on the radio, and welcome new technology and many new platforms to showcase your audio advertisement … creativity to the absolute max. We’re simply going to explode.

In the last 10 years, the window of opportunity for sharing audio has grown significantly, and now businesses can use their audio advertisements through the radio, television, online, through their phone lines, in store, in their waiting rooms and of course through apps on smart phones and tablets. The world really is our oyster.

There are literally so many avenues to share your message with just one audio production – crossing over to multiple channels, through various networks. Technology has bought with it, a new world of audio advertising, and the sky is the limit – if you think it, chances are we can do it.

The team at Media Sound have been working in the Australian audio industry for many years, and we have seen how this advertising medium has significantly changed in that time. We thrive on keeping at the forefront of the changing times and we look forward to constantly having to reinvent the wheel.

Whatever your audio advertising needs are, we can certainly produce a captivating production for you to spread your word. Call us today for more information on how you can get the most out of your audio advertising.

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Voice Artists for Interactive Voice Response

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the first point of contact your callers will have when they contact you, that’s why companies all over Australia prefer professional audio productions for their IVRs. Not only does a recording answer the phone in a timely fashion, but it also helps your customers get to the right department faster, and without having to disrupt your staff.

Think of your interactive voice response as a customer service representative for your company. You want the person to sound professional, and most importantly, be easy to understand. A professional voiceover artist is trained in the art of pronunciation and infliction. They know when to pause for effect, and they can easily select which words to emphasis at just a glance of the script.

Just like singers, voice artists learn speak from their bellies; this helps to really pronounce a word and deliver emotion. Selecting a voice actor to represent your brand is an important part of your strategy, and even for a short message such as an Interactive Voice Response, your selection should be taken seriously.

When selecting a voice artist, it is important that you think of your customers, and who they are most likely going to respond to. Would a male or a female voice appeal to them more? Do you want a strong Australian accent, or maybe a more refined corporate voice?

You will also need to take into consideration your company culture – how do you want to be represented?

Our voice artists are extremely talented and they are quite diverse on their tone and delivery; and we have a rather large database of talent, located across the globe, so we will certainly have a voice to suit your brand.

For more information about getting a professional recorded Interactive Voice Recording, please call us today.

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Get the Attention you Want in Just One Sentence

If you’ve only got 15 – 30 seconds to capture your audiences’ attention, you need to make sure you have a winning first line. Much like a headline for a print article, the first line of your audio production really needs to have some punch to get your listeners to really take notice of what you have to say.

How can you do this? Well here are a few pointers for your next audio campaign.

Fix a Problem or Fulfil a Need
Can your product or service fix a problem? Or is your product or service offering something your customers NEED? If so, make sure you address this in the first line. For instance, a financial lender could start with: “Need finance in a hurry?” or a plumber could say: “Got a leak and need it fixed fast?”. Remember the old saying “What’s in it for me?”, well that is exactly what your customers want to know.

Start off by Stating the Facts
Fact! People love hearing facts – especially if it is true (LOL). If you have useful information that would be of interest to your core target market, then use this information to entice them to listen to the rest of your commercial.

Humorous One Liner
This isn’t for all business types, and must be used with caution. A humorous one liner that is relevant to the rest of your advertisement, and that is easily understandable could really stay in the minds of your audience and make for a very memorable audio advertisement. Though this tactic can also backfire, so make sure you’re not talking in riddles and not confusing your customers.

Give Your Customers What They Want!
What’s In It For Me? Or more to the point what is in it for your customers? Make sure you are giving them want they want. Tell them about the benefits of your product or service, and why they need to invest in your service. If you are a beautician then your customers are going to want to look more beautiful. Accountants your customers are going to want to get the biggest tax return and real estate agents your customers want you to get the best price for their house.

Writing a script for an audio production is a complex process, because unlike with writing, you can’t waffle on, you need to get straight to the point. You need to sell your product and service in just a couple of sentences. And more often than not, the first sentence in your production is what will draw them in.

Media Sound has a team of very creative copywriters who have an abundance of experience in writing high quality audio for various channels. Contact our specialised team today.

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Tone Over the Phone

The right tone for over the phone

Ever listened to your voice recording on the telephone? I bet you were surprised with the outcome and didn’t think it sounded like you. Well chances are it really didn’t. You see, unlike when we are talking to people face to face, we lose some of the passion and spark in our voice. Usually it is because we have a thousand other things on our mind, and quite possibly also typing an email while we record our greeting.

Even when we talk to people over the phone, most of us sound dull – unless you are a teenage girl talking about Justin Bieber. Let’s think of that last scenario. A teenage girl talking about Justin Bieber to her girlfriend is probably wildly excited, with all the passion in the world for this teenage Lothario; but it seems the older we get, the busier we get and talking on the phone, especially at work, becomes somewhat of a chore.

Imagine if you talked to all your customers, suppliers and staff with the same spirit and passion that you would if you were talking to them face to face – you would certainly get a better response and more likely to inspire them.

Unfortunately, as humans, we are extremely busy, and it is hard to always talk with a smile. That’s why when it comes to your telephone message on hold program or your interactive voice response system; it makes sense to invest in a professional voice recording. Most people can read, but they are unlikely to do so with the right tone and enthusiasm.

Media Sound has a large database of professional voice artists who are trained in the art of reading scripts for audio productions. And if you were to watch them do their craft, you would see that they do it with a smile, and quite animatedly.

Get the right tone over the phone and contact Media Sound for a professional voice recording for your telephone lines. Call us on 1300 736 465.

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