The Bachelor Saga Continues: All in the Brand

The Bachelor Australia

Caption: Channel 10's The Bachelor Australia

Sorry guys – but we just had to do a follow up on this national reality drama … if that is what you want to call it. As we said in one of our earlier blogs about The Bachelor, we fully believe this whole saga has been one massive branding exercise. Not only by Bachie himself, but also Channel 10, and the girls … Louise, and even Sam.

Our Conclusion

Now we may be jumping to conclusions, but this is just simply our view on what we think is happening with this season’s The Bachelor. Channel 10 has access to some very creative scriptwriters, and some very powerful and smart businessmen. You then have a cast of 30 women and 1 man, all quite happy to live their lives out in front of a camera – lets call them extraverts, er … I mean love enthusiasts.

Creating Drama

How do you keep the public interested when the show is over? Create drama! People love drama. We crave it, we breath it … we simply want more of it. And by the Bachie dumping Australia’s bachelorette darling – and moved on to not just the runner up, but the third place runner up, he has certainly caused a lot of drama.

Payouts of Said Drama

As a result, all this drama has effectively sparked public interest, got the Bachelor, Blake Garvey and his new babe, Louise Pillidge, an alleged $70k deal with Women’s Day and jilted Sam Frost much media exposure and a reported modelling contract. Not to mention, Channel 10 has got so much publicity for the show, that they even make sure to advertise during the Exclusive interview on The Project for next season’s the Bachelor.

And while The Bachelor’s reputation may not be the best right now, you can be rest assured that there is definitely some interest in his real estate business … and if the rumours are true, then his stripper business must be booming. This bad boy image can only help.

Building a Brand

We really hate to say we told you so, but we really did! This Bachelor saga is all about the branding; branding of personalities and branding of the show. These guys have put on a great production, and we have all fallen for it. Hell, we’re even writing our second blog about the Bachelor … and we weren’t that into it in the first place.

So you might think Blake’s a ‘jackass’, Louise a home-wreaker and Sam the poor little rejected beauty, but the truth to the matter, is that they have all put on a production, built their brands and prospered from the show. What can we say. Bravo Channel 10, Bravo!!!!

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Audio Productions for Cinema Advertising

Audio for Cinema Advertising

Have you been to the cinemas lately and been completely blown away with the before show cinema advertising? I guess it has something to do with the large screen and the loud audio, and that is probably also why cinema is very effective, albeit, on the expensive side. So when it comes to getting an audio production for your cinema commercials, it makes sense to get a professionally produced production that is sure to grab the listeners’ attention.

The team at Media Sound are the Australian experts when it comes to audio advertising, and we produce audio productions for all media types – cinema advertising being one of them.

Voiceover Artists

With a large library of voiceover artists, we can help you select a voice that will do you script justice, and demand the attention of all the cinemagoers.

Sound Effects

We have a fully functional and highly professional recording studio with the very latest in editing programs – and a large database of sound effects to really bring your cinema advertisement to life.

Royalty Free Music

We also have a great selection of royalty free music to further enhance the quality of your audio production. Alternatively, if you are willing to pay for the rights, we can also incorporate your chosen soundtrack.

Cinema advertising can be a very targeted and effective marketing channel, providing the content of your advertisement is created to help cinemagoers identify to your product or service. There’s lots of fun and creativity that can go into cinema advertising, and our team are more than willing to work with you to create a compelling piece that will be sure to make an impression.

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The Bachelor: Building a Brand

Building a Brand

The Bachelor Australia 2014: Channel 10

The Bachelor Australia 2014

For the last week, there has been an abundance of news and hype around this season of The Bachelor; a show where 30 girls have competed for one guy. This week alone, we witnessed first-hand the Bachelor, Blake Garvey, “falling hard” and “seeing a future” with multiple girls, before settling on just one, 2014 winner, Sam Frost. Only to find out a day later, that they have already broken up in real life.

Is this really a Reality?

This unrealistic view on how to find love in my view is rather lame, but millions of Australians watch it, and providing you conduct yourself appropriately, this kind of television exposure can do wonders for a person building a brand … for at least 15-minutes anyway.

Building a Brand on Television

Think about it, businesses pay BIG bucks for television commercials and advertising each year, and if you can successfully manage to land yourself a gig on a popular television show such as this, wouldn’t you want to work your personal brand? It seems that Blake tried to do just that, but has he come off more douche than darling? Has his actions tarnished his reputation and broken the Blake brand, or is this bad boy image he has now created, helped further launch his modelling and stripping career.

He is also a real estate agent, and in this profession any publicity is good publicity I guess, and his actions has certainly led to even more media exposure than it would have had, had he not broken his leading lady’s heart the same week the final episode was aired … unless of course he married her, but that would have been a seriously big sacrifice for someone who was only trying to extend his 15-minutes of fame to 18-minutes.

His name is all over Internet; on news sites, social media, in magazines and on the television. His face (logo) is being splashed before us constantly, surely his business or brand will be impacted both positively and negatively, but the one thing you can certainly count on, he will make money out of his reality TV antics.

In my view, it’s just sad that television executives are happy to make money out of playing with people’s feelings. It’s just sad that the entire series, you could see this guy was playing with every single girl – with no intention to seriously settle down with any of them. What a fraud – but I guess it was great entertainment.

What do you do in Terms of Branding your Business?

What extremes would you go to for your brand, and to gain exposure? The team at Media Sound would love to hear what businesses in Australia have done to build brand recognition

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A Professional Audio Production for your next Tradeshow

Audio Productions for Trade Shows

A professionally produced audio production can help your business stand out at a tradeshow!

Capture your Customers’ Attention

Think about it, you have hundreds of customers walking past being lured in by forceful salesmen. You can opt for a different approach, and feature a professional audio production that informs your customers about your business in a non-confrontational manner. Why not include some great visuals and entice your potential customers with a multimedia production.

Make a Lasting Impression

A professional audio production will effectively make a lasting impression. Our voice artists are trained in turning your scripts into compelling productions, and our audio engineers are the masters of making your productions sound ultra savvy and uber inviting! A professional audio production (opposed to an amateur one) will also make your business sound so much more professional, and your potential customers will more likely be drawn to you.

The Spoken Word

There is a time and a place for the written and spoken word, and at a tradeshow, the spoken word is a hands down winner. There is far too much going on for those passing by to actually read any literature handed out to them. In fact, chances are, most of that literature will go into a bag and never fished out.

A professional audio production is more likely going to get your customers to stop and listen (even more effective with visuals), and your information is likely to be heard, giving you optimal chances to make a sale.

Multiple Channels

Audio advertising is a great format for you to share your message. And while you get your production made up specifically to play at the tradeshow, you can also burn it to disk and give it out to passers by, put it on your website and even share it through social media.

Audio advertising has come a long way in recent years, and if you are savvy with your audio marketing material, there are many ways in which you can share it.

Call us today to find out how we can create a fabulous audio production for your next tradeshow.

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Voice Artists from Family Guy

family guy photo: Family Guy FamilyGuy-1.jpg

Family Guy is by far one of the best television animations on TV in the last decade. Seth MacFarlane is a comedic genius, not to mention an ultra talented voice artist, voice actor, voice magician or whatever you would like to call him. Seth MacFarlane even one an Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance. And so he should, his voice is responsible for the majority of the key characters, though some other great stars join him. Media Sound explores …

Seth MacFarlane

This voice magician is responsible for bringing to life a number of the characters in this popular animated serious, they include: Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin and Glenn Quagmire. As you can see, his character voices are wide and varied and ultra hysterical.

Seth Green

Famous for various supporting roles in many 80s and 90s hit movies such as Can’t Buy Me Love, Big Business and Enemy of the State. I remember him most as Willow’s first boyfriend in Buffy, but he has been in an array of movies and television series over the years. Seth lends his voice to play Chris Griffin and newsreader, Neil Goldman.

Mila Kunis

This big screen beauty offers her voice to dowdy and the often miss-treated character, Meg Griffin. Unlike the A-list actress who plays her, Meg is a lost 14-year-old, who is in a very awkward stage of her life.

Patrick Warburton

Patrick is famous for his portrayal of Jeff Bingham in Rules of Engagement. His deep voice is that of Peter Griffins’ best friend and paraplegic Joe Swanson.

According to MacFarlane, the script is usually read individually, with many lines have to be repeated over and over again until it has been perfected. In 2013, TV Guide ranked Family Guy as the 9th Greatest Television Animation of All Time.

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A Tribute to the World’s Best Voice Artist: Robin Williams

Not only was he an incredible actor, but Robin Williams was also one of the most diverse and entertaining voice artists of all time.

Fighting Depression

On Monday 11th August 2013, this very talented actor and much-loved comedian could no longer fight the battle with depression and took his own life. His millions of fans throughout the world will sadly miss him, but never will he be forgotten.

An Iconic Voice Artist Remembered

Today the team at Media Sound remember him for his magical work as a voiceover artist.

In 1987, Robin Williams played a DJ based in Saigon during the Vietnam War. Who could ever forget his most famous line and name of the movie …. “Goooood Mooorning Vietnam.” This iconic role received him an Academy Award nomination.

His animated voice brought the magical Genie in Aladdin alive; it was this film that really established his immense star power as a voiceover artist.

In 2001, Williams again leant his voice to the film A.I Artificial Intelligence, again in 2005 in the film Robots. In 2006, Williams was part of the highly successful Happy Feet, and was joined by other A-Listers to create a fantastic film enjoyed by both adults and children.

Not to mention the countless movies that he starred in and narrated at the same time. His voice could be highly animated and comedic, yet also gentle and serious.

Robin Williams was nothing short of iconic. His talent was so far and wide, that he will be remembered by for generations to come. His work will be appreciated for generations to come.

Rest in Peace Robbin Williams.

For those of you suffering from depression, please don’t feel alone, there is always someone out there who will want to help. Those seeking support can call beyondblue on 1300 22 46 36 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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The Art of Audio Mastering

Audio Production | Audio MasteringDuring the final stages of the audio production, the audio engineers focus on audio mastering; this is done to enhance the quality of the audio mix and make sure the sound is of professional quality. Audio mastering is the art of eradicating any errors and using strategic techniques to ensure the production is of a very high quality.

What is the Process of Audio Mastering?

In the final stages of production, the audio engineer will check for mixing errors, once these have been rectified, then he will focus on bringing the production’s audio levels to that of acceptable for commercial use – during this process, the audio engineer will eliminate any ugly noise in the production.

In order to get the sound level right, the audio engineer will need to determine an acceptable level and judge the frequency of the spectrum; effectively making sure the recording isn’t too sharp or too thin. He needs to ensure there is an equal balance between the low, medium and high frequencies.

Once he finds this balance, the audio engineer will then use a multiband compressor in order to correct the dynamics of the audio production. He will then assess the reverberation, and finally the overtones. Once all these corrections have been made, and the audio production is of a certain quality, the audio engineer will send it out to the client.

Professional Audio Production 

The audio mastering is just the final phase of the audio production, and usually one that often can’t be performed in the office. A professional audio production is worth the investment, as you are investing in a quality piece of marketing material that has been produced for commercial use.

Media Sound is a professional audio production company based on the Gold Coast, and not only do our audio engineers weave their magic to produce the highest quality audio productions for your audio advertising campaign, but our audio scriptwriters will write you a compelling script, and our professional voice artists will bring it to life.

Call us today and stand out from the crowd with our professional audio production services. Call  1300 736 465.

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5 Mistakes Movie Mistakes

It is a fact, we all make mistakes at times, but in Hollywood, if you make a mistake then it is on film for everyone to see. In a meeting discussing audio productions for film, our conversation when on to another tangent, and we started to discuss some of the standard mistakes made in movies. Here is our top 5:

  1. Braveheart

Starring Mel Gibson, this is a favourite film for a couple of our staff members, but that is not to say the film isn’t full of areas. In fact, if you were to watch in real carefully you would notice a couple of standout mistakes. The biggest however, is in one of the fight scenes a white van can be seen in the background.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

A crew member in a cowboy hat can be seen on the boat in the scene where Captain Jack bellows: "On deck, you scabrous dogs".

  1. Pulp Fiction

In the scene with Jules and Vincent (Played by John Travolta and Samuel Jackson) – where Samuel Jackson declares: “I will strike down on thee in great vengeance and furious anger …” they kill a man in his mid-20’s, and there’s one hiding in the bathroom getting ready to come out and shoot them, but before he does there is a shot of Jules and Vincent and you can see bullet holes in the wall, but shots haven’t yet been shot at them.

  1. Twilight: Eclipse

Edward reveals to Bella in an earlier scene that Vampires sparkle in the sun, however in the last scene of Eclipse, Edward and Bella are sitting in the sunshine in a field and he is not sparkling.

  1. Scream

There are also lots of audio mistakes in movies, and scream is a great example. Dewey has just been stabbed in the back, and Sidney comes running toward him. The audio has her screaming “DEWEY” but her mouth is saying “NOOOO”.

We’ve got heaps more, but we thought we should keep it limited to only five. Have you got any mistakes that you have seen in the movies and would like to share?

Film production is a serious business, and is not as simple as just filming actors doing their scenes, there is so much more that goes into it. That’s why you are bound to see a mistake here and there. To fix every single one of them could cost millions of dollars in additional production and editing times.

Media Sound supply high quality audio productions, and we have done a few for various Australian films and television shows. For more information about our audio production service, please call us on 1300 736 465.

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Understanding Twitter

Twitter is a social media channel that so many people don’t understand, but don’t underestimate it; it is a social stream that can certainly help build your business. Maybe not necessarily in the form of lead generation, but as a tool for market research and product knowledge, it can be extremely helpful.

Don’t get us wrong, there is also huge potential for you to gain sales and enquiry through this media, but it does take a little time and strategy. If you are going to have a Twitter account, it is important that you can invest into this campaign just as you would any other.

The team at Media Sound thought we would help you with some of the basics and get a better understanding of Twitter and how it can work for you. So here goes:

Who to Follow?

Think of who your core customers are? At Media Sound, we basically work for Australian businesses; so on Twitter, our strategy is to follow those businesses we think would find our services useful. They can see that I am following them, and they may choose to follow me back.

As a follower, I can read all their Tweets and find out more about their business, which gives us good inside information as to who they are, and how they operate. Great market research!

Replying to Tweets

When someone sends out a tweet, anyone who follows that person can reply to that Tweet – this is a great tool for building relationships and joining in on conversations.


Want to give a shout out to one of your followers? Then you can do so by using @”username”. By putting the @ before the username will essentially act as a tag for them, and they will then be able to see their mention when they view their mention tab in Twitter. You are effectively giving your followers exposure, and building a relationship with them.

How Many Tweets per Day?

This is up to you? Realistically though, you only really need to send out about 3 – 5 tweets daily, and don’t make them all about you. Twitter is not a sales stream, so while you can use it to educate your followers, also use it as a means to give them valuable information that they will want to click through and read.

Also make sure to allow time to invest in Tweeting your followers. Twitter is all about building relationships.

Hashtags: What are they?

Everyone is talking about them, but what exactly is a hashtag? Basically, just like you can search people, you can also search terms that have a hashtag (#) in front of it. For instance, we would click on #telephoneonhold – and it will bring up all the tweets with this mention.

Remember, Twitter isn’t all about selling your product, it is about building brand awareness, but most importantly, it is about building relationships with your customers and listening to what they have to say also. Take the time to invest in reading their Tweets, and responding to them, and you will definitely see the advantages of Twitter and how it can help you.

While we are an audio advertising agency and specialise in the production of high quality radio commercials, television commercials, telephone message on hold programs and audio for basically any stream, we also have a very active social media presence. We would love you to come and be part of it. You’ll find us at

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Top 3 All Time Best TV Commercials

Again in our search for inspiration (and pure curiosity) we stumbled across some of the great Australian television commercials of all time. We decided to get the whole team together and vote on what we thought were the three top TV commercials of all time – based on how we remembered them, and by how many channels we have viewed these advertisements.

Our top 3 winners were …

Carlton Draft “Big Ad”

Coming in first place, is Carlton Drafts “Big Ad”. It was first aired in 2005. I was in London at the time, working for a reputable media agency; I remember getting numerous emails from colleagues and work associates with links to this advertisement. It was an impressive advertisement featuring humour. VB (Think: A hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer. And the best cold beer if Vic) is another great brand who are excellent at coming up with memorable TV commercials, and it was a close call … but we had to go with Carlton Draft on this one.

Antz Pantz – Sic ‘em Rex

Who doesn’t remember this advertisement? Featuring a very sexy Australian lady in a dingy hotel wearing Holeproof Ant Pantz underwear. She has a whole lot of ants crawling up to her knickers, until they get to her crutch, and then you see a shot of an ant eater – and the beautiful model then says with a cheeky grin “sick ‘em Rex” – and we’re sure you can guess the rest. This advertisement has been played numerous times in its lifespan, with many showings on various editions of the World’s Naughtiest TV Advertisements. Naughty indeed.

Slip Slop Slap

First aired in 1980, this iconic Australian television advertisement staring Sid the Seagull was very effective in education the Australian public about the need to protect yourself from the sun. This campaign was probably so successful because it was played so many times, for such a long period – and who can forget the jingle … I bet it is stuck in your mind as we speak.

Television can be a great brand exercise for many brands, but you need to be clever when it comes to your creative – and you need to be consistent and repetitive, with strategic schedule.

Media Sound can produce high quality audio productions to help you stand out with your next TV campaign. Call us today.

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