The Most Complained About TV Advertisement in 2014

The Australian Advertising Standards Board (ASB) gets thousands of complaints each year for marketing material published or aired in Australia. Some of them well warranted, others … well not so warranted.

Those that topped the list for 2014 included a billboard that included a photo of a deceased horse for; a TV commercial featuring a nose picking dude for MyPlates and Ultra Tune’s Tyre advertisement that showcases to sexy ladies wearing rubber outfits … because apparently, women now into rubber.

The Most Hated

However, the most complained about advertisement in Australia for 2014 was a television commercial for Ashley Madison; an online site dedicated to helping people cheat on their partners. Their slogan is “Life is Short. Have an Affair.”


Just like most dating application advertisements, this advertisement features profiles of attractive women, and has a couple of seemingly normal looking men (because apparently all types cheat) singing: “I’m looking for someone other than my wife, other than my wife … Ashley Madison is right.”

Although this advertisement is extremely tacky, and highly unethical, and even though it had received the most complaints from the Australian public, the ASB found that it wasn’t in breach of its codes and allowed it to continue being aired.

Yes the advertisement is totally distasteful and is the epitome of immoral, the simple matter of the fact is, the advertisement does not breach any of their codes.

A Catchy Jingle

You need to watch it to understand, but seriously their jingle is kind of catchy – even if you are totally against cheating. Just goes to show how effective jingles can be!

Though guys and girls … if you do need this website, then maybe you need to reconsider your marriage. Just saying.

Media Sound is a leading provider of high quality voice recordings and audio productions for television advertising.

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The Death of a Voice Legend: Christine Cavanaugh

Today we pay homage to famous voice legend Christine Cavanaugh who died at the age of 51 on 22nd December 2014.

Though her voice may have been more famous than her face, this beautiful lady’s craft certainly made an impact in the world of voice artists. Christine Cavanagh was famous as the voice of Babe, the 1995 hit movie about an adorable little sheep pig.

Others would recognise her voice from the lovable red haired baby, Chuckey, from the Nickelodeon animation series RugRats.

Christine Cavanagh also lent her voice to other characters in shows such as Dexter, Recess, Aladdin, The Critic, The Powerpuff girls and The Wild Thornberies.

At this point in time details of her death have not yet been confirmed.

For those in the industry, we understand that her achievements were remarkable. To have such a great list of characters under ones belt that will last in the minds of children and adults everywhere is an accomplishment not easily achievable.

The team at Media Sound would like to send our sincere condolences to the Cavanaugh family, and we intend to always remember her beautiful voice and amazing triumphs in the world of voice acting.

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Summer Advertising

Summer AdvertisingSummer is a great time of year for Australians – especially as it comes the same time as our festive season. So not only do we get to enjoy Christmas day by the beach or pool (we most Christmases anyway), but we get to enjoy the warm weather during all the Christmas and New Year festivities … when most of us are on holidays.

Summer is also an exciting time for businesses to promote themselves. Summer advertising is one of the most lucrative seasons in the advertising / marketing world in the Southern hemisphere, and there’s no wonder; people are home on holidays, look to spend their Christmas vouchers, listening to the radio while relaxing by the pool, or watching the cricket on the television.

Posting their summer antics on social media and surfing the Internet looking for pre and post Christmas deals.

There are certainly ample opportunities for businesses to get their messages out to their core customers; from radio and television advertising, online advertising, billboard and outdoor marketing opportunities, sponsorship and in-store promotions, there are just literally hundreds of ways to get your brand in front of your customers and potential customers.

Summer advertising is truly an exciting project. And we’re not just talking about the streams in which you can publish, but also the content for your material. And lets be honest, people are generally happier and more receptive to advertising at this time of year.

At Media Sound, we would love to say that we get a holiday over this time of year, but the truth the to matter is, we are flat out creating audio productions for a wide range of channels: radio and television commercials, telephone message on hold systems, in-store music and messaging programs, online portals and brand presentations.

Summer is a great time of year to voice what needs to be said about your business. Call us today and see how we can help you stand out from the crowd.

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Remembering a Star: Paul Walker

Maybe it was his dreamy blue eyes, or his fascination with cars, but this actor seriously got us all hot and flustered … regardless of whether you were male or female. His name was Paul Walker and he was most famous for his role in the Fast and the Furious franchise. The last instalment of the franchise is due to be released in April 2015.

1 year ago (two days ago), this promising actor, father and car fanatic died doing what he truly loved … driving fast cars.

Paul Walker was not only a gifted actor, but he was also a devoted father and active spokesman for the Reach Out Worldwide charity.

And yet even after a year, Paul’s legacy lives on. He is still talked about in the media, and his brand is just as strong as it was when he was alive. In his life, he did a remarkable job of building a fan-base and making an impact.

Paul Walker is a great lesson for businesses; what can you do to really make an impact, and make a lasting impression with your customer base. What can you do to be remembered, and have people coming back looking for more even after their last sale?

The team at Media Sound look forward to revisiting this fine young man when his final movie is released, and you can be rest assured that we will be watching and re-watching his movies of old.

RIP Paul Walker … you certainly are not forgotten.  

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Benefits of IVR Systems

Interactive Voice Response Prompts

Considering investing in an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and need some additional reassurance that these are a great investment? Media Sound can certainly give you loads of reasons why an IVR system is a good investment, but on this occasion, will focus on just the top 5 reasons.

  1. Reduces Live Handling Time

An interactive voice system does all the work for you, so your staff can focus their time on their other tasks. These systems effectively and professionally answer your telephone calls and then directs the caller to the appropriate department. There job done!

  1. IVR Systems Reduce Caller Times

Callers can retrieve information or be directed to the appropriate department through simply selecting from the menu, either by pressing a number on the keypad or by making a voice statement. Often, this can reduce caller times, as they are put straight through to the appropriate department, or a voice message will be played with the relevant information.

  1. Automated Tasks

If you need an IVR system for tasks such as payments, then your callers can call whenever they like to make the payment, as no staff involvement is required. Convenient for all.

  1. Reduce Call Queues

As it is all automated, your caller is greeted by your IVR system that starts to ask questions and get details as to where the caller needs to be directed to. Therefore, callers don’t have to wait for the receptionist to be able to take their call, and therefore, you can significantly reduce call queues.

  1. Increase Business Hours

An IVR system can allow businesses to increase office hours, in the sense that callers can call 24/7 and gather information from the professional pre-recorded information playing to callers on the phone lines.

Interactive voice response systems that have been professionally scripted and voiced, sound exceptionally professional and will help advise and direct your callers to the right departments and find accurate information.

Media Sound are the specialists in audio productions for IVR systems, so please contact us today, and find out how we can help you get the most out of your internal communication systems.

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Business and Holidays: Creating a Balance

Enjoying your holidaysWith the festive season looming, and the time for business professionals to take some much needed R&R it’s time to work a balance between business and holidays.

How many of you are guilty of taking your work with you on holiday. Smart phones, tablets and laptops are the biggest buzz kills, as they allow you to take your email and everything you need to conduct business, away with you. So what is your cut-off point? At what stage do you say enough is enough, work can wait?

Don’t get us wrong, here at Media Sound, we love our employees being pro-active and giving 120%; but we also see the need for them to take a break and separate from work every now and then.

Australians are time poor as it is, and when they take a holiday, it is important for individuals to rest their minds and spend that quality time with their loved ones. By doing this, they are more likely to perform better when they return to work.

Just look at some of the biggest companies in the world such as Google and Facebook. These guys actually encourage their staff to take flexy time and to enjoy their lives outside of the workplace. Hell, studies have shown how much more productive individuals are once they have enjoyed some R&R. Studies have also shown; those who are happy with the balance of their work and life are more likely to achieve better results.

So if you are about to embark on a vacation for your Christmas break, how about leaving your work at home, and take this time to really spend on yourself, and with your loved ones. Your work is sure to benefit from it in the future.

Advertising your Holiday Closing Period

If you need to alert your customers to the fact that your business will be closing down during the Christmas period, then make sure to contact our team at Media Sound. We can produce you brilliant holiday production notifying your customers about your holiday trading hours – and you can share your audio advertisement through various channels, such as on your website, social media channels, telephone message on hold program or even over the radio. Call us today.

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Young help to meet the challenges of MS

Raising Awareness for Multiple Sclerosis

Australian Charity MS It seems fitting that Media Sound, also known as MS within its parent company Media Group, should partner with Australian Charity MS to help raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis.

Media Sound was quick to commit resources including voice talent, voice over studios and audio production facilities to support the campaign to fight Multiple Sclerosis and realise the ultimate ambition, to one day find a cure.

Australian Charity MS is the pre-eminent source of information, advice and services for those affected with this debilitating disease. Multiple Sclerosis mainly strikes the young, particularly young women. So it’s more than fitting that a company of young people pitched in to help. The average age of full time staff at the Media Sound recording studios is only 28 years.

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The Bachelor Saga Continues: All in the Brand

The Bachelor Australia

Caption: Channel 10's The Bachelor Australia

Sorry guys – but we just had to do a follow up on this national reality drama … if that is what you want to call it. As we said in one of our earlier blogs about The Bachelor, we fully believe this whole saga has been one massive branding exercise. Not only by Bachie himself, but also Channel 10, and the girls … Louise, and even Sam.

Our Conclusion

Now we may be jumping to conclusions, but this is just simply our view on what we think is happening with this season’s The Bachelor. Channel 10 has access to some very creative scriptwriters, and some very powerful and smart businessmen. You then have a cast of 30 women and 1 man, all quite happy to live their lives out in front of a camera – lets call them extraverts, er … I mean love enthusiasts.

Creating Drama

How do you keep the public interested when the show is over? Create drama! People love drama. We crave it, we breath it … we simply want more of it. And by the Bachie dumping Australia’s bachelorette darling – and moved on to not just the runner up, but the third place runner up, he has certainly caused a lot of drama.

Payouts of Said Drama

As a result, all this drama has effectively sparked public interest, got the Bachelor, Blake Garvey and his new babe, Louise Pillidge, an alleged $70k deal with Women’s Day and jilted Sam Frost much media exposure and a reported modelling contract. Not to mention, Channel 10 has got so much publicity for the show, that they even make sure to advertise during the Exclusive interview on The Project for next season’s the Bachelor.

And while The Bachelor’s reputation may not be the best right now, you can be rest assured that there is definitely some interest in his real estate business … and if the rumours are true, then his stripper business must be booming. This bad boy image can only help.

Building a Brand

We really hate to say we told you so, but we really did! This Bachelor saga is all about the branding; branding of personalities and branding of the show. These guys have put on a great production, and we have all fallen for it. Hell, we’re even writing our second blog about the Bachelor … and we weren’t that into it in the first place.

So you might think Blake’s a ‘jackass’, Louise a home-wreaker and Sam the poor little rejected beauty, but the truth to the matter, is that they have all put on a production, built their brands and prospered from the show. What can we say. Bravo Channel 10, Bravo!!!!

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Audio Productions for Cinema Advertising

Audio for Cinema Advertising

Have you been to the cinemas lately and been completely blown away with the before show cinema advertising? I guess it has something to do with the large screen and the loud audio, and that is probably also why cinema is very effective, albeit, on the expensive side. So when it comes to getting an audio production for your cinema commercials, it makes sense to get a professionally produced production that is sure to grab the listeners’ attention.

The team at Media Sound are the Australian experts when it comes to audio advertising, and we produce audio productions for all media types – cinema advertising being one of them.

Voiceover Artists

With a large library of voiceover artists, we can help you select a voice that will do you script justice, and demand the attention of all the cinemagoers.

Sound Effects

We have a fully functional and highly professional recording studio with the very latest in editing programs – and a large database of sound effects to really bring your cinema advertisement to life.

Royalty Free Music

We also have a great selection of royalty free music to further enhance the quality of your audio production. Alternatively, if you are willing to pay for the rights, we can also incorporate your chosen soundtrack.

Cinema advertising can be a very targeted and effective marketing channel, providing the content of your advertisement is created to help cinemagoers identify to your product or service. There’s lots of fun and creativity that can go into cinema advertising, and our team are more than willing to work with you to create a compelling piece that will be sure to make an impression.

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The Bachelor: Building a Brand

Building a Brand

The Bachelor Australia 2014: Channel 10

The Bachelor Australia 2014

For the last week, there has been an abundance of news and hype around this season of The Bachelor; a show where 30 girls have competed for one guy. This week alone, we witnessed first-hand the Bachelor, Blake Garvey, “falling hard” and “seeing a future” with multiple girls, before settling on just one, 2014 winner, Sam Frost. Only to find out a day later, that they have already broken up in real life.

Is this really a Reality?

This unrealistic view on how to find love in my view is rather lame, but millions of Australians watch it, and providing you conduct yourself appropriately, this kind of television exposure can do wonders for a person building a brand … for at least 15-minutes anyway.

Building a Brand on Television

Think about it, businesses pay BIG bucks for television commercials and advertising each year, and if you can successfully manage to land yourself a gig on a popular television show such as this, wouldn’t you want to work your personal brand? It seems that Blake tried to do just that, but has he come off more douche than darling? Has his actions tarnished his reputation and broken the Blake brand, or is this bad boy image he has now created, helped further launch his modelling and stripping career.

He is also a real estate agent, and in this profession any publicity is good publicity I guess, and his actions has certainly led to even more media exposure than it would have had, had he not broken his leading lady’s heart the same week the final episode was aired … unless of course he married her, but that would have been a seriously big sacrifice for someone who was only trying to extend his 15-minutes of fame to 18-minutes.

His name is all over Internet; on news sites, social media, in magazines and on the television. His face (logo) is being splashed before us constantly, surely his business or brand will be impacted both positively and negatively, but the one thing you can certainly count on, he will make money out of his reality TV antics.

In my view, it’s just sad that television executives are happy to make money out of playing with people’s feelings. It’s just sad that the entire series, you could see this guy was playing with every single girl – with no intention to seriously settle down with any of them. What a fraud – but I guess it was great entertainment.

What do you do in Terms of Branding your Business?

What extremes would you go to for your brand, and to gain exposure? The team at Media Sound would love to hear what businesses in Australia have done to build brand recognition

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