Impressive Audio for your Wedding Introduction

Audio Productions for Wedding Introductions

Whilst Media Sound are the audio kings for our corporate and retail clientele, we can also do up audio productions for those who are a little savvy in their personal life. In fact recently, we produced an audio production for a couple as a wedding introduction.

Their wedding was a 1930’s inspired theme, and for the reception, they thought they would have a little fun, and got us to create a God Father like theme, but with Snoop Dog’s Next Episode (they could use this music track as it wasn’t for commercial use).

Media Sound sourced one of our very talented American voiceover artists to read the script in a gangster voice and our copywriters wrote a short witty script to compliment the production. Our very talented audio engineers then weaved their magic, added a couple of sound effects and the result was a great production that made a huge impression with their guests. The bride told us, that everyone commented on the audio production.

If you want to really make an impact for your wedding, birthday celebration, christening or corporate event, consider getting a professional audio production produced to really capture your guests’ attention.

Media Sound offers an expensive professional service, and we can write, voice and produce your audio production for a very competitive price (trust us, it is a lot cheaper than you may think!). For more information on how to get a captivating audio production for your personal occasion, please call one of our friendly representatives on 1300 736 465.

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The Top 10 Australian Online Business Directories

Top 10 Australian online business directories

When it comes to getting your website found, then Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be a key element in your online marketing strategy. As Google gets even smarter, the harder we must work to ensure we stay high in the rankings. Google in particular, is putting a focus on location. So not only do they want to find the most relevant businesses, but they want to find the most relevant businesses located within close proximity to where you are conducting your search.

You see, through your IP address, Google can determine exactly where you are located, and when you do a search for a builder, then Google will try and bring up builders within close proximity to you – and in many cases, will show the Google Places listings first (on mobile especially).

In order to optimize your website for local searches, you need to make sure you have relevant local websites pointing back to you, with the same information as what you provide on your website. Google is looking for consistency here. So things such as your Company Name, Phone Number, Address and Business Hours all need to be consistent.

Below is our pick of the top 10 Australian Online Business Directories:

  • Google Places
  • DLook
  • Aussie Web
  • True Local
  • Start Local
  • Dmoz
  • Yelp
  • Hot Frog
  • Yalwa
  • Come On Aussie
  • These website will show Google that you do exist, and that the information on your website is consistent to what you advertise elsewhere. Furthermore, you will have more exposure, hence potentially more traffic to your website and you will have backlinks pointing to your website (albeit, they won’t offer too much link juice), but they will still be there.

    Plus, and this is a big plus, because Google loves to see natural engagement by users, by listing on many of these sites, your customers will potentially have the means to give your business a review – and providing it is positive, it will certainly help your ranking efforts in your local search.

    Whilst we are intrigued by the big bad world of search engine optimization, audio production is our business here at Media Sound, so if you are looking for a high quality sound recording for radio, television, corporate presentation or for online, then please give us a shout today.

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Messages On Hold Save you from APRA and PPCA Tariffs

Music on hold

Australian businesses are legally required to pay for the right to use protected sound recordings for the telephone on hold. So if a business plays the radio, a CD or a snippet from television, then they are technically required to pay for the use – and it could cost them thousands.

Professional Messages On Hold
Media Sound’s message on hold programs however, are exempt from these tariffs, as we are registered with these companies and our recordings don’t come under their category of protected sound recordings. This means, that for a much smaller fee, businesses can still entertain their callers, but also incorporate audio productions designed to promote their business’ services and products.

We offer the full service, from the scriptwriting through to production. We have a large library of royalty free music beds and very talented voice artists to bring your script to life – so you can be rest assured your telephone message on hold channel works for you and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Media Sound’s Packages
Media Sound offer a number of packages for businesses to buy outright, so you don’t have to worry about paying a monthly fee – and you own that production for life. We also offer extremely competitive prices on audio production, should you wish to update your message on hold program in the future. Contact one of our music and message on hold specialists today.

APRA and PPCA: What you are Expected to Pay
If however, you choose to play the radio or any other production that is considered protected sound recording, then your business could expect to pay between $221 for businesses with 1 – 5 phone lines, and at least $8,817 for businesses with 200+ phone lines.

For more information, please download APRA and the PPCA’s pricing schedule below.

Click here to download APRA’s pricing schedule   |   Click here to download PPCA’s pricing schedule

Additional Risks Associated with Playing Radio On Hold
Not only are you at risk of copping a large annual tariff, but also by playing radio on hold, you could be offending your callers with music played, and opinions aired by the radio station. Moreover, your competitors could be advertising on your phone lines, and chances are you wouldn’t even know about it.

Sign up for a Professional Message On Hold Production
Contact the friendly and qualified audio production specialists at Media Sound and get a professional message on hold program to entertain and educate your callers while they wait on hold. Message on hold has been proven to reduce caller hang-ups and increase caller inquiries. Call us today on 1300 736 465.

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Audio Advertising Giving you the Competitive Advantage

Audio Advertising

If you want to boost your company’s exposure, then audio advertising is a great way to get your audio message out there. A professional audio production can have a powerful impact, and in this day and age, there are so many ways for you to share your audio advertisements, giving you a competitive advantage.

It comes down to strategy and planning (just like everything really), but if you really put some thought to your audio advertising campaigns, then you can really maximize the return on your campaign.

Professional Audio Production
A professional audio production is absolutely necessary, and really shouldn’t be compromised on. You see a professional audio production company has the right equipment, set up and expertise to ensure you get the clearest audio that is more likely to make a huge impact. They have access to creative audio scriptwriters, talented voice artists and experienced audio technicians who are all skilled in the craft of making quality audio productions.

Distribution Channels
Once upon a time, radio and television were the only way for a business to share their audio production, and possibly cinema (though very costly). Today however, there are so many ways a business can share the audio advertisements:

  • Online Social Networks
  • Company Website
  • Corporate Functions
  • Telephone On Hold Systems
  • In-store messaging service
  • CDs
  • Email

Seriously, there are many ways that a business can use their audio advertisements to promote themselves and give them a competitive advantage – by building brand recognition and product knowledge.

Audio advertising doesn’t need to blow out your marketing budget, in fact, Media Sound offers very competitive rates for quality audio productions, and if you think strategically, you will most certainly find many ways to reach your target market and engage with your potential customers.

Audio advertising can most certainly give your business a competitive advantage and help you build awareness about what you offer, and who you are. Audio advertising has been around for many decades, its just now, there is a whole new world as to how you can share that advertising.

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Voiceover Artists for Documentaries

Audio for Documentaries If you are in the process of developing a documentary, then you have probably already considered employing the services of a professional audio production company for that hard-hitting impact that is sure to capture your audiences’ attention. Apart from having the means to produce high broadcast quality audio, a professional audio production company have professional voice artists who specialise in reading scripts specifically for documentaries.

As we are sure you are already well aware, there is a certain formal style required for documentaries, and whilst these segments of information are much longer than your traditional news bulletins, they do require a message to be conveyed in a clear and concise fashion.

A Professional Voice Artist will bring to the Production …
An air of confidence and the ability to tell a story with emotion; you see voiceover artists are trained in acting out the part of the narrator. They know when to pause, when to emphasis a word, when to slow down or speed up a reading – all of which will have quite a big impact on your production at the end. Furthermore, voice artists are usually trained actors or radio announcers, and these guys are more likely to pronounce the words in their correct form.

Voice artists also have the ability to change the tone of their reading to suit the script, like we said before, most voice artists are voice actors and they have been trained how to best use their voice for audio productions.

Media Sound: Audio for Documentaries
Media Sound is a leading Australian audio production company, and we have a large library of voice artists who specialise in voicing script for documentaries. We can also sync your audio production with your visuals. For more information about our audio productions for documentaries, please call us on 1300 736 465.

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Professional Audio a must for your Corporate Presentation

Audio Production | Corporate PresenationsIf your business conducts regular corporate presentations, then make sure you really make an impact and present a presentation that is sure to impress. With great visuals and a professional audio production, you are more likely to capture your audience’s undivided attention.

Best of all, a well presented corporate presentation can be delivered through a number of channels, not just in person; you can also share your corporate presentation on your website, intranet, email, disk and various online sites.

As we have already mentioned, a good presentation usually involves professional audio and visuals to compliment the content.

Visual Presentation
PowerPoint is a great way to tell a story and show facts and figures using easy to use software; and with all the added plugins and features, you can create a really impressive visual presentation. PowerPoint also allows you to integrate other multimedia applications, such as videos, hyperlinks and audio clips to help deliver your message. Alternatively, many professional corporates are now also investing in professional produced corporate videos to use as part of their corporate communication strategy, this can be incorporated into your PowerPoint presentation to create an extremely effective and compelling corporate presentation.

Audio Production 
The written word and visuals are very important tools, but audio can really help put the emotion into a presentation and help you better connect with your stakeholders. A professionally produced audio production is more likely to grab your listeners’ attention. Professional voice artists are much better equipped to present information in an interesting manner, and the use of music and sound effects will help take your corporate presentation to the next level.

A corporate presentation is a great piece of marketing collateral, and as mentioned previously, can be used in a number of applications, through a number of channels to reach a multitude of potential customers, suppliers and staff members. If you value marketing, then you will value an investment into creating a really powerful corporate presentation to represent your business in a professional way.

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Corporate Audio Advertising

Corporate Audio AdvertisingIt is mind boggling to think there are a myriad of print advertisements everywhere you look. In magazines, newspapers, posters on walls, point of sale material – and then of course you have your online picture advertisements. Yet, so many businesses do not take advantage of audio advertising. Audio can really help a business to stand out. It adds another dimension, another layer if you wish and appeals to a new sense.

To stand out in a very saturated market, it is in the interest for corporates to not put all their marketing dollars in one basket, but rather, be selective and choose a number of channels to put into your mix. Add additional platforms to your marketing efforts and invest in a good audio production. Here are just a few examples.

Corporate Presentation
Spice up your corporate presentation with a professional voice recording, combined with sound effects and appropriate music beds. This will help to maintain your audiences attention, and it will also make you sound much more professional. If you are video recording a corporate presentation, or even if you are creating your own PowerPoint presentation, then you can play audio in the background, convert your presentation into an MP4 and share your message online, on disk or at tradeshows.

Radio and Television Commercials
Radio and television commercials are the traditional audio advertising mediums, and whilst they are still popular in the marketing and advertising world, they are no longer the be all and end all to audio advertising. Depending on the nature of your business, both radio and television can be very effective marketing channels providing you do your research and secure times appropriate to your core market.

Telephone Messages On Hold
For an innovative way to promote your business to your target market; provide continuity in your marketing activity and sound much more professional, then a telephone message on hold program is an ideal choice. Consisting of 5-7 audio advertisements which are played to your callers while they wait on hold, these mini radio like commercials make a lasting impression with your clientele – plus it is a very inexpensive way to promote your business and sound professional – all while your staff are busy with their work.

Interactive Voice Response
Help direct your customers in the right direction with professional voice recordings guiding your callers to the right departments. Interactive Voice Response is a system whereby a recording asks your callers a number of questions in order to find which department will be best suited for their enquiry.

Audio for Social Media
Whether you get an audio production specifically produced for your social media campaigns or if you want to use one of your existing radio commercials, message on hold messages or corporate presentation, you can share your audio online through a number of audio and video sharing sites, or you can upload them to your website.

There are ample ways in how you can be creative with your audio advertisements and get them out to a much larger reach for a fraction of the price. Contact the audio professionals at Media Sound and ask us how audio can help your business.

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HR Training Videos

Human ResourcesEver started a new job and been forced to watch a full day’s worth of Human Resources (HR) training videos; painstakingly trying to keep your eyes open and feign interest? Or maybe you are an existing employee who had to sit through training videos while sitting next to your boss.

We’ve all been there and had to endure hours of torturous mundane training and induction videos, however, in today’s world of advancing technology and clever creative minds, there should be no need to play boring HR training videos.

Training should be an ongoing cycle for all businesses; therefore the need for educational and captivating video and audio production is more in demand than ever before.

Business owners and HR Managers: Employ a good production company whose focus is to produce a compelling educational video that keeps your staff interested from the get-go. Check out their portfolio and watch other videos they have created for similar businesses – imagine yourself as an employee for those companies and rate the videos production.

These productions aren’t cheap, and you want to make sure you are going to get the best bang for your buck – so make sure you do your research. Find out what the package includes and then negotiate on price.

It is also really important that you have professional audio production to go hand in hand with your visual presentation. A dull and monotonous voice recording can really make a training video drag, but a vibrant voice that connects with the audience can hold your staff’s attention – making it easier for them to retain the information.

With the Internet, you now have more ways of distributing this material, and providing your production company supplies your production in the right format, there are many avenues for you to share your material.

Media Sound specialises in professional voice recordings and audio productions specifically for HR training videos. For more information on how we can put the WOW factor into your next training video, please call us on 1300 736 465.

Enterprise Search – Advertise your business in our free online Australian business directory.

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Digital Audio Advertising

Multimedia applications | Digital Audio AdvertisingWherever you look people are listening to audio content – on their smartphones, tablets, PCs and in their cars. So why are many businesses neglecting to promote their brand with digital audio advertising?

So what makes digital audio advertising so promising?

Better Metrics System
Measuring radio campaigns is never an exact science, however, digital audio advertising has much better metrics. Being online it is easier to ascertain how many people have listened to your advertisements (depending how you share your audio) and where the traffic has come from.

Multiple Distribution Channels
The web is a world of its own, and this only makes up a portion of the digital media. Online we have social media sites and websites, and then of course there are various apps and games that can also feature audio advertisements (think iTune’s new radio channel). Seriously, the world is our oyster and the opportunity to reach a much larger audience is available at our fingertips.

Increase Customer Engagement
Think about it. If a customer visits your website or social media channel and listens to your audio you are effectively enhancing the experience for them, and engaging with them at a much higher level. Audio allows you to connect with your customers much more intimately than just the written word.

There is an abundance of opportunity for business owners to get their message out through digital audio advertisements, and the reach is potentially global (if that is what you seek).

Media Sound is a leading audio production company who specialise in the productions of audio advertisements for a number of channels, including radio, television, telephone and multimedia applications. Call us today and ask how we can help you get your message out with an effective digital audio advertising campaign.

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Top 5 IVR Prompt Fails

Too many times I have called a business only to be greeted with an interactive voice response, which is fine, except when they confuse me with their message. Below we outline the top 5 IVR prompt fails.

1.   Too Many Options
Too many options will only get your caller confused, and probably lead them to selecting the wrong option and giving them the run around. Your business should not be that complicated that you have umpteen directions the caller can go. Keep it simple and easy to navigate – just like you would with your website.

2.   Not Enough Menu Options
But not too simple! Make sure you have enough options in order for your caller to get through to the department they are looking for.

3.   Long Winded Greeting
People are generally time poor, and they don’t want to be spending too much time listening to a recorded message. Keep all messages clear, concise and straight to the point. Long-winded messages will only get lost on your callers, so say what you need to and get straight their options.

4.   Amateur Voiceover
There’s nothing worse than listening to an amateur voice recording – and they stand out like nothing else. Amateur voice prompts consist of monotone voice that is either speaking to quickly or slowly – potentially losing the customer.

5.   Bad formatting
If your caller can select an option at any time by pressing the appropriate number, then we recommend putting the most popular options at the beginning so that you don’t waste your callers’ time. However, if your call needs to wait until then end of options, put the most popular at the end so they are more likely to remember which one is for them.

Interactive Voice Prompts are a great way of directing your callers the departments that can help them. So make sure you set it up properly and make the experience for your callers a whole lot smoother.

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