Corporate Audio Advertising

Corporate Audio AdvertisingIt is mind boggling to think there are a myriad of print advertisements everywhere you look. In magazines, newspapers, posters on walls, point of sale material – and then of course you have your online picture advertisements. Yet, so many businesses do not take advantage of audio advertising. Audio can really help a business to stand out. It adds another dimension, another layer if you wish and appeals to a new sense.

To stand out in a very saturated market, it is in the interest for corporates to not put all their marketing dollars in one basket, but rather, be selective and choose a number of channels to put into your mix. Add additional platforms to your marketing efforts and invest in a good audio production. Here are just a few examples.

Corporate Presentation
Spice up your corporate presentation with a professional voice recording, combined with sound effects and appropriate music beds. This will help to maintain your audiences attention, and it will also make you sound much more professional. If you are video recording a corporate presentation, or even if you are creating your own PowerPoint presentation, then you can play audio in the background, convert your presentation into an MP4 and share your message online, on disk or at tradeshows.

Radio and Television Commercials
Radio and television commercials are the traditional audio advertising mediums, and whilst they are still popular in the marketing and advertising world, they are no longer the be all and end all to audio advertising. Depending on the nature of your business, both radio and television can be very effective marketing channels providing you do your research and secure times appropriate to your core market.

Telephone Messages On Hold
For an innovative way to promote your business to your target market; provide continuity in your marketing activity and sound much more professional, then a telephone message on hold program is an ideal choice. Consisting of 5-7 audio advertisements which are played to your callers while they wait on hold, these mini radio like commercials make a lasting impression with your clientele – plus it is a very inexpensive way to promote your business and sound professional – all while your staff are busy with their work.

Interactive Voice Response
Help direct your customers in the right direction with professional voice recordings guiding your callers to the right departments. Interactive Voice Response is a system whereby a recording asks your callers a number of questions in order to find which department will be best suited for their enquiry.

Audio for Social Media
Whether you get an audio production specifically produced for your social media campaigns or if you want to use one of your existing radio commercials, message on hold messages or corporate presentation, you can share your audio online through a number of audio and video sharing sites, or you can upload them to your website.

There are ample ways in how you can be creative with your audio advertisements and get them out to a much larger reach for a fraction of the price. Contact the audio professionals at Media Sound and ask us how audio can help your business.

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