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Multimedia applications | Digital Audio AdvertisingWherever you look people are listening to audio content – on their smartphones, tablets, PCs and in their cars. So why are many businesses neglecting to promote their brand with digital audio advertising?

So what makes digital audio advertising so promising?

Better Metrics System
Measuring radio campaigns is never an exact science, however, digital audio advertising has much better metrics. Being online it is easier to ascertain how many people have listened to your advertisements (depending how you share your audio) and where the traffic has come from.

Multiple Distribution Channels
The web is a world of its own, and this only makes up a portion of the digital media. Online we have social media sites and websites, and then of course there are various apps and games that can also feature audio advertisements (think iTune’s new radio channel). Seriously, the world is our oyster and the opportunity to reach a much larger audience is available at our fingertips.

Increase Customer Engagement
Think about it. If a customer visits your website or social media channel and listens to your audio you are effectively enhancing the experience for them, and engaging with them at a much higher level. Audio allows you to connect with your customers much more intimately than just the written word.

There is an abundance of opportunity for business owners to get their message out through digital audio advertisements, and the reach is potentially global (if that is what you seek).

Media Sound is a leading audio production company who specialise in the productions of audio advertisements for a number of channels, including radio, television, telephone and multimedia applications. Call us today and ask how we can help you get your message out with an effective digital audio advertising campaign.

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  1. I may be biased when it comes to making use of audio advertising but I have always been shocked that more companies aren't making use of this creative resource to engage customers and create powerful brand recognition. Given the number of visual ads that are being thrown at potential customers, this could really improve a company's chances of making a lasting impression. 

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