Top 5 IVR Prompt Fails

Too many times I have called a business only to be greeted with an interactive voice response, which is fine, except when they confuse me with their message. Below we outline the top 5 IVR prompt fails.

1.   Too Many Options
Too many options will only get your caller confused, and probably lead them to selecting the wrong option and giving them the run around. Your business should not be that complicated that you have umpteen directions the caller can go. Keep it simple and easy to navigate – just like you would with your website.

2.   Not Enough Menu Options
But not too simple! Make sure you have enough options in order for your caller to get through to the department they are looking for.

3.   Long Winded Greeting
People are generally time poor, and they don’t want to be spending too much time listening to a recorded message. Keep all messages clear, concise and straight to the point. Long-winded messages will only get lost on your callers, so say what you need to and get straight their options.

4.   Amateur Voiceover
There’s nothing worse than listening to an amateur voice recording – and they stand out like nothing else. Amateur voice prompts consist of monotone voice that is either speaking to quickly or slowly – potentially losing the customer.

5.   Bad formatting
If your caller can select an option at any time by pressing the appropriate number, then we recommend putting the most popular options at the beginning so that you don’t waste your callers’ time. However, if your call needs to wait until then end of options, put the most popular at the end so they are more likely to remember which one is for them.

Interactive Voice Prompts are a great way of directing your callers the departments that can help them. So make sure you set it up properly and make the experience for your callers a whole lot smoother.

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