Creative Copywriting for Audio Advertising

Creative Copywriting

We’re a rather mixed bunch at Media Sound, but the two things we all have in common is our creativity and our love of audio advertising; and our team of creative copywriters are no exception, we really love what we do!

You see, writing is different for each channel and many writers will specialise in just one area. For instance you have blog writers, technical writers, print copywriters and broadcast writers – just to name a few; and each channel requires different styles and techniques.

Audio advertising is a specialised industry and is governed by many factors: timing, association and legislation. It is important copywriters in our industry are able to get straight to the point, convey a given message within 15 – 30 seconds, representing a brand effectively without infringing on any laws.

Copywriters in the audio industry need to be able to evoke emotion with a few simple words. Whether it be for radio, television or for your telephone messages on hold, you need to have a compelling, powerful and clear script that will appeal to your customers and entertain and educate them about your products and services.

The best thing about writing for audio is that we get to have fun with our use of words, insertion of sound effects and voice styles.

The copywriting team at Media Sound have a mixed and varied range of experience, both within the audio and print industries. We have copywriters dedicated to writing for our audio productions such as radio and television commercials and telephone message on hold programs. Let us tell your story and call our friendly team on 1300 736 465.  

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