Radio Imaging

Radio Imaging

Media Sound isn’t just an audio production company for corporates, we can also produce high quality radio imaging for commercial stations. In fact, our audio engineers all have vast experience in audio production for radio stations, and this is an area that we specialise in.

For those not in the know, radio imaging is the art of professional recordings aimed at promoting radio stations on the, well radio.  Think of radio imaging as a promotion for a radio station, or the one-liners that you hear on air. Just like any other business, a radio station has to promote themselves in order to increase their audience.

Radio imaging is also referred to as station IDs, and is basically what the name suggests, an audio recording aimed at helping the audience identify the radio station. Again it all comes down to branding and educating their target audience.

And just as you would with any other marketing, there is a lot that goes into radio imaging. It’s this creativity that will connect with the audience. These audio productions have to be as compelling as the music itself and therefore good use of voices, music and sound effects is an absolute must. Radio imaging is basically a representation of the radio station itself.

Media Sound is a leading Australian audio production company and we have a team of industry professionals who have worked in the broadcast industry for many years. We have a large library of professional voice artists and experienced and creative copywriters and audio engineers to ensure you get the most professional audio production to represent your station.

Don’t just take our word for it, view our radio imaging demonstrations online today or call one of our professional representatives on 1300 736 465.

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