Are Jingles Effective?

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We all love a good jingle here and there. And you’ve got to admit, a good jingle is one that gets stuck in your head … well from a marketers perspective anyway. A good jingle becomes a memorable melody, which usually features a slogan and sometimes a phone number. Jingles are usually repetitive, done strategically so that the audience remembers them. So are jingles effective?

Think McDonalds. How many times has your stomach started to grumble and you think "bah-da-ba-ba-bah, I'm lovin' it" … then you’ve got Maccas in your head and possibly your stomach.

Cottees cordial: “My dad picks the fruit to make the cordial, that I like best.”

Weetbix: “Weetbix kids are Aussie kids, are Weet-Bix – Kids.”

Chicken Tonight: “I feel like Chicken Tonight, Chicken tonight.”

These are just some of Australia’s iconic jingles, that regardless of whether you love or hate them, they have the ability to get into your head and remind you that the brand exists.

A catchy jingle will not only get inside the head of consumers, but also has the capacity to get free publicity from other channels where consumers repeat the catch lines. YouTube is a great example of people recycling and recreating catchy jingles to publish online.

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  1. Nothing beats a really memorable jingle! You know there are kids now that have heard these catchy songs which could have been <a href="">originally written half a century ago</a>!  Incredibly, I read an article recently that argued how jingles were no longer as effective. The very next day, I witnessed more than one commercial which employed a jingle, and those definitely are the only commercials I still remember.

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