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Have you recently invested in a good quality audio production from the very experienced team at Media Sound and now want to share your audio advertisement with the world? Then we suggest you start promoting your new production through a number of online channels: Your website, YouTube and of course Facebook.

It is important to note though, you cannot upload your MP3 file directly to Facebook. They do this so that you cannot post media clips that you do not own, rather you will have to have a link that you can post on Facebook.

Media Sound
At Media Sound, we know how important it is for you to be able to share your audio production, so we make this process easy for you.

Simply call one of our experienced audio technicians and we will make up a little YouTube video with your logo and a short message to go with your audio production and then we will send you the link. From there all you will need to do, is log in to your Facebook business page and insert the link in your status. Your logo should then come up as the thumbnail on the status update.

Host it on your Website
Another way for you to upload your audio production to Facebook is to host your MP3 on your website, then once you have the URL (ie:, then simply go to your Facebook business page and put the URL into the status update – and there you have it.

Get the most out of your audio advertising and share it with the world. The Internet gives you a much wider reach at a fraction of the cost that you would pay with radio. You never know, your audio production could go viral – and you could experience millions of hits throughout the world.

Media Sound is a leading provider of quality audio productions for a range of multimedia productions. Contact our friendly and qualified audio engineers today on 1300 736 465.

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