The Best Internet April Fool’s Jokes

Everyone loves April Fool's Day. Its an opportunity to pull a prank on a friend, or just tell that annoying neighbor how you really feel about them without starting a war! I'm sure there have been many pranks pulled, but some of the best ones have been accomplished by several large companies who are not afraid to have a little bit of fun at their own expense. Check out my top picks below.

1. Youtube –  it was all just a giant video contest. Posting this official video on their page, Youttube has annouced that they will be closing the site for the next ten years to have judges review all the videos and choose the best one. 


2. Virgin Airlines – Virgin annouced on their blog that they have added a glass bottom feature to some of their planes in a nod to advernturers everywhere.

3. Google – launches Google Nose, a brand new technology where you can have access to millions of different scents via your own internet sommolier.

4. The White House –  the official White House youtube page has released a new video showing a kid version of the president making fart jokes and talking politics. 

american eagle spray on jean

5. American Eagle  – US trendy teen clothing retailer offers a special for spray on jeans in a can for that super tight skinny jean look. 

Did you pull any great April Fool's Jokes? Fortunately for our coworkers, this year it fell on a public holiday, otherwise there would have been some great pranks pulled in our offices. After all, being a company that specialises in voiceovers means that the opportunities are virtually endless for the amazing pranks we could pull. I guess we will just have to wait until next year however, and spend the time until then creating top quality voice overs, radio commercials and radio imaging, web videos, and on hold messages, while we plot our perfect prank!

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