Computer Pranks to Drive Your Co Workers Crazy

 Happy Monday everyone. And just in case it doesn't feel too happy, if your dragging yourself through your Monday, regretting some of your weekend decisions, here are a few fun office pranks to perk you up and get you excited about being at work again.

These harmless pranks are quick and easy to do, and will give you a good laugh without actually destroying anyones work. Let's start with the most tame ones:

1. Turn on high contrast. This flips the colours to a black background with white text. Funny / Evil rating: 1
To turn on: Hit Left Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen
To turn off: same buttons again

2. Lock the scrolling in Excel. This way when people hit the arrow keys, instead of moving over to the next cell, it changes the view. Might not affect experts, but newbies will be confused.   Funny / Evil rating: 2
To turn on: in excel, hit the Scroll Lock button
To turn off: hit the same button again

3. Turn the display upside down. This one give an immediate "what the.. " response.   Funny / Evil rating: 3
To turn on: Ctrl + Alt + Down arrow
To turn off: Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow

4. Turn on computer beeps. This one may be a slower realisation, but funny when the beeoping starts driving them crazy and they don't know why its beeping. This turns on "toggle keys" which will beep every time you push a lock key (like caps lock). Funny / Evil rating: 4
To turn on: hold down Num Lock hey for 5 seconds, then hit yes.
To turn off: hold down Num Lock keye again for 5 econds

5. Insert random text into a word document. Might not work for those shorter ones, but in the middle of a few pages, a skim reader might just miss it. Funny / Evil rating: 5
To turn on: insert the following text into a Word document "=rand(x,y)" and replace x with the number of paragraphs you want it inserted into, and y for how many sentences in.
To turn off: find the text and delete it.

6. Make their keyboard seem broken. By turning on Filter Keys, which ignores brief or repeated strokes, they will go crazy trying to figure out why what they are typing is not showing up onscreen. Funny / Evil rating: 6
To turn on: hold the Right Shift key for 8 seconds, then hit yes
To turn off: hold it again for 8 seconds

7. Replace the background image with an image of the old background including icons. Then move all the icons to the recycling bin. They will click on what looks like the icon but it will go nowehere, and they will get totally frustrated! Funny / Evil rating: 7
To turn on: minimise all their windows so on the desktop is showing then hit Print Screen. Open paint or an image editing program and hit Ctrl + V or paste. Save it and set it as the background, then delete all the icons.
To turn off: restore the shortcuts from the recycle bin, restore the old desktop image. 

8. Change the capiltilzation of a Word document. Change a portion or all the document to all caps or no caps.  Funny / Evil rating: 8
To turn on: highlight the area you want to edit, then hit Shift + F3 to scroll through the different options
To turn off: this one's pretty easy to remove as long as it hasn't been saved after changing. Al you ahve to do is hit Cntrl + Z or undo on the menu bar. 

9. Rename all the file names in a folder. This one could potentially be hazardous, if they don't realise and hit Ctrl + Z immediately. Otherwise they will have to go through and open and rename every single file. It renames all files with whatever text you choose and a number afterwards to differentiate. Funny / Evil rating: 9
To turn on: go to the selected folder and select all the files. Hit F2 to rename the first file, and when you hit enter it will rename all the other ones after that with the same text and a number. 
To turn off: Ctrl + Z can be used until you do another folder action (like delete a file)

At Media Sound, we don't technically condone office pranks, but have been known to "decorate" a few of our colleague's office on several different occasions! We love our team of hardworking sales people, creative writers, operations managers, accounts people, voice talents, and audio producers. We work together to create quality voiceovers and audio productions for all different types of audio needs from radio ads to tv commercials, website videos, elearning projects and more. Contact us today to see how our fun loving team can create your next voiceover masterpiece. 

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