Chocolate Beer Specialist, Wizard, Penguinologist: Crazy Job Titles or Just Made Up Specialties?

Is your job just a little out of the ordinary? Have a title that sounds like a dream job? Well your not alone, these people have some very interesting job titles and specialties.

Sure, we know that crazy jobs do exist, bit how does one apply for the position of bride kidnapping expert? It’s not exactly something every kid dreams of being when they grow up.

At Media Sound, we have some of the best jobs around, at least from our perspective. We get to be around creative people, helping them create awesome audio production files and voiceovers for radio commercials, tv ads, and all types of other audio productions. Our tight knit team works quickly and efficiently to get your project completed on time and outstanding. Why not contact us today for your next project? We may not have job titles like ninja, or cat behaviour consultant, but we do love what we do, and that’s the most important thing!

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