Voice Over Styles

In the world of audio production, there is a variety of voice over styles to compliment the many facets of the communication world. From radio, television and the movie industry down to messages on hold telephone programs and personalized in store radio stations – this industry is massive.

Radio is still a hugely popular industry. Most people tune in while they are in their car, pottering around the house or garden, and you may hear the radio in certain establishments or whilst on hold waiting for your phone call to be answered. Voiceovers are used to create the many radio advertisements that are played to fund the industry. Many businesses choose to promote themselves via radio and pay greatly to have their promotions run during high rating times such as talk back radio or in peak hour traffic when the majority of folk tune in.

Voice-overs are not limited to just radio; you will hear them on Television also. You hear and not necessarily see many voice artists on news segments, advertisements, promotional clips and also the introduction of guests. All of the voice-overs you hear are professionally trained voice artists that have had many years in the industry and are selected for their particular style.

Corporate World
In the corporate arena voice-overs are used to produce audio productions for corporate presentations used to train current and future employees. They have a myriad of uses such as video’s that can be uploaded to websites through to TV’s in waiting rooms. Audio productions can also be incorporated into messages on hold programs for telephone systems, online presentations and coaching purposes.

In-Store Music and Message Systems
You may have heard voice overs in retail stores promoting their own customized messages targeting sales and ensuring customers are aware of bargains they have on offer in the shop.

Film Industry
In the film industry, voice-overs are used for narration in movies. These voice-overs are generally performed by well-known actors starring in the movie and are typically used to depict the story line. Famous movie stars are frequently hired to bring certain characters to life in animations.

Voice artists are still very high in demand and although there is an abundance of work available across many industries, it is very competitive to enter. Often the most popular voice artists are those that have been in the business for some time, and have many years of experience making them highly sought after for their expertise.

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